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Mainstream Media and Fake News
I think there was never a media narrative so outrageous and against free speech than the one about "fake news". When they lost the elections by smearing Trump in any way possible, they realized that they can't control the internet with propaganda like they ...

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"Dear White people" By Netflix
Seriously what the fucking fuck? "Dear White people"? Didn't MTV pull that shit like a month ago and decided to take down the video because it got so many down votes and people in comments were flaming it? Now Netflix wants to put out an original series sho...

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Democrats, the Electoral College and the Russians
Let's say we play Chess. We have agreed to the rules before hand and in the past, players all over the world have won and lost games based on these rules. But this time I have 5 pieces remaining on the board and you have 8. In a stroke of luck and skill I m...

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Pro gun logic in a brilliant comment
Honestly I don't get the whole deal with guns. Maybe my dick is above average and I don't have the need to own 500 guns just to own them. The gun nuts claim that they need guns because in the constitution it says they are useful in case the government tries...

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Aunt doesn't like hugs I guess
Since it's near Christmas I thought I d warn you to avoid hugging people before you are sure they are not psychos. This poor excuse for a human being for example: (I don't include the page since I don't want to promote someone over someone. It doesn't matte...
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