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Fantastic news for the world

Stand-up #7 will be for me tonight at Snatch Comedy - Ponsonby Road . I'm due up 3rd (MC,  Another comedian then  Me) so around 9 ish?

Tonight's set will be based on some ideas I was throwing around and material I developed before coming back onto the scene a month or so back. It's more like my earlier stuff. I'm still looking for my comedic voice and I think those styles are more "Me" than what I've been doing earlier this year.

Looking forward to trying it out.

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Blog posting that's mainly naive reportage on some recent events. Maybe one day I'll come back to it.

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Love the expression on Pluto's face.
Pluto ... why was it named so?

Once seen, can not be unseen

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Pluto mission cost $0.20 / kilometre. That's cheaper than a 305 bus from town to my place.

(Nasa site with New Horizons imagery)

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Ah DHMO, yet again.

Which is more toxic, the publicity or the product itself?

Originally re-shared into my time line by +Brett Cooper 

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I don't usually comment too much on foreign criminal cases, but this seems so similar to our own country's recent experience ...

Drug abusing oxygen thief son kills a family member. The press tries to excuse him because he's a "victim" of his own drug use.

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Nobody needs to be unemployed in this country.

You can always get a job sitting outside Burger King asking for spare change.

(Photo Credit: Wikimedia)

Spark Phone Scam

The Indian accented "Microsoft" phone scammers are back, only now claiming to be from Spark/Telecom.

The guy had all the answers until I asked him to quote my Spark account # & he immediately hung up.
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