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Dallas 24 Hour Club does a lot of good for the community.

If you can't help financially, can you boost the signal?
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When I have an issue with my car, either changing the oil or the check engine light, I take it to the mechanic.
Not because I can't fix it. But because it's a better use of my time, money, and skills. What they can do with the right tools and the dedication to their field would take me two or three times as long.
Too often we are asked to become technicians and doctors. To step into some other professional's shoes to figure out a computer problem. Wondering if it's mechanical or software related.

Wouldn't it be nice if that Trouble wasn't something you had to deal with?

Dallas Computer Consulting is about Taking the Trouble out of Troubleshooting. Don't get frustrated and spend your valuable time on your computer problems, let us step in and help you get back to what you planned on doing faster.

Ready to relax? Call us at (214) 308-1337 or email us at

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Spring Cleaning for your computer!
20% off Cleanup In-house Service

Get the most out of your computer system. Let Dallas Computer Consulting help clean the computer system. Remove unwanted files and optimize the performance. Restrictions may apply

Offer ends April 30th, 2015

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David Pattillo is speaking this morning at the Uptown Networking Group.

Accounting before 9 AM.

Fasten your seatbelts!
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How electronically responsible are you with your computers?

Recently at Dallas Computer Consulting we helped a client with a network issue that turned out to be a bad surge protector.

Remember, in the DFW area we get a lot of spikes and surges to our electricity grid and that can short or damage a surge protector. Or in some office buildings it could be internal wiring.

It's important to consider replacing surge protectors and UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supplies) every few years.

Before they fry your router, or worse - your computer!

If you have any questions, feel free to call Dallas Computer Consulting at (214) 308-1337.

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Listening to Janet Pool of Janet Pool Blinds and Shutters discuss how to be more effective at our businesses.

How the internet is a tool, but not as effective as a referral.

She's a direct person. And wanting to share her knowledge.

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Artist :    jaroslavciganik77
Work :   Vulpes vulpes
Link  :

We support Art - Send us your creations - Share your artworld with us

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I don't know if I mentioned it, but here's my business page. 

Hello Internet,
For the businesses you deal with that are small, we live on public reviews.

For that business there should be 4 Reviews. 

1) Reviews on the primary website. 
Mine has a specific form you can fill out

2) Facebook Pages
Facebook has a specific form to fill out

3) Yelp
Yelp has a specific form to fill out

4) Google+ 
Here's where things get weird. If you use a Desktop/Laptop, it's a Pencil icon on the local page.

If you use a Mobile Page, do not use Google+, you have to open the business in Google Maps.

Why? Because a long time ago they coded Google Maps to "Rate and Review" it. And never changed that.

So as a business owner, I want my clients and my friends to review me. On my website, on my Facebook Page, on my Yelp, and on Google+.

If you need the links, leave a comment and I'll get you the link.

Thank you for those who are willing to do this.

For those who don't, won't, or can't: It's fine. It's a gift if you can't.
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