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My latest, on how to save the Oscars from long-term ratings decline. The biggest, and most plausible, idea isn't in the headline.:
Sunday night’s Academy Awards ceremony faces the real possibility of ratings humiliation. The Oscar telecast will almost certainly draw a smaller TV audience than the Feb. 12 Grammy Awards.
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How about pretending that the demographic center isn't where the oligarchy wishes it was?
i am a fan of your writing, +Virginia Postrel, & this one puzzled me, for it seemed to run counter-character (meaning, of course, the "character" that i have created in my head for you, by reading your articles).

somehow, i was surprised you were offering suggestions on increasing the popularity of this silly show &, perhaps, even more surprised that you seemed to suggest that it should pander even more than it already does. (on the other hand, your hindsight suggestion is pretty solid). there was something non-Postrel about this one, i can't quite put my finger on it...

my favorite this year so far: Can You Pass the ‘Beverly Hillbillies’ Test?
I just wish Oscar would open up ballot data from the first few decades. They ran a couple different voting systems over the period and having full ballot data would make for some fun social choice studies...
that is a great idea +Eric Crampton! since we have to live with it, it might as well give us some more goodies
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