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Chad Troftgruben
Aspiring animator, filmmaker and teacher.
Aspiring animator, filmmaker and teacher.

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Since this group has been a little more lively with submissions lately, I figured I'd join in on the fun.

This is a quick 30 second clip from a new project I am working on. I've posted another clip from this one before. It's a longer project that probably won't be released for a while.

Anyway, here's the clip!

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Over the past three weeks I have been animating and recording a new course on how to use Moho Pro with a few Adobe Cloud apps (Sketch, Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere).

I go over both image and vector based character rigging, among a few other things. If you're new to Moho or animation, I'm hoping this will be a good experience for you.

This is the animation (more or less) that will be taught through the course. Once the course is available, I can share the link if anyone is interested. 

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I've dealt with this type of thing before. The worst ones are where they disguise a compliment just to follow up with a request for you to do something for free. That compliment becomes meaningless to me.

I write and animate because it's the torture I'm most comfortable with. And it has to be personal, or worth something (money). Creating something for someone you have no attachment to will always yield mediocre results. Those empty jobs are the most mentally taxing work you can do. Any creative type reading this will know what I mean I'm sure.

At least that's my view. Also, the artist in this article handled the situation professionally, which is all you can do.

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Even with the small scale work I do, I can relate to what is being talked about here. I'm sure many of my animator friends will too. As freelance animators, we most of the time have to act as one man shows. And a lot of self scrutiny follows that process.
Their way of writing is what makes the show work so well. Forget the subject matter or vulgarity, it's the spontaneity of the writing that helps bring the extra punch.

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This summer I have been doing a little bit of political soul searching. During the primaries I became a Bernie fan and really felt motivated to vote for him. But, he lost, and Hillary became the nominee.

Well, it wasn't that simple. I vented on a Facebook post about how I'd never vote for a DNC candidate after what I perceived was unfair treatment to Bernie. And I do still believe some things that went on were unfair.

I also posted a lot of (sometimes unfair) negative opinion pieces on Hillary.
So, fuck the DNC, etc, I'm out of here.

What next? Well, I first looked to the Green Party as Jill Stein seemed like the perfect backup to what Bernie had stood for. And for a while, I followed what she was doing.

But then I started to realize something... Jill Stein is really nothing but a pandering opportunist who is trying to grab votes by doing attention whorish things. Politics is all about being an attention whore (Trump), so let's give her a pass there. But the fact she has never held any position of consequence disqualifies her in my eyes. Oh, and she panders to anti-vaxxers.

So, next I look to The Johnson. The Johnson loves weed. The Chad loves weed. But many libertarian beliefs just don't jive with me. So that cancels him out. Also, I'm not good at geography but I expect the leader of the free world to know more about this than me.

But even if the third party candidates aren't for me, I still think they should be allowed to debate. But that's another post for another time.
The great thing about being an only child is that you really do get your own way a lot of times. I can be very close minded, especially when I latch on to one idea or path. However, in a democracy (sorry, oligarchy) you can't take your ball and go home. It simply doesn't work that way.

Which is why I am now circling back. There really are only two choices in this race. I see that now. Actually, you know what, there aren't two choices. Let's cut to the chase and break this down:

Hillary Clinton is a dirty politician who is SMART and is able to use the system to her advantage. She doesn't stand for EVERYTHING I want. She has FLAWS. And she won't fix what's fundamentally wrong with our system.

But would Bernie Sanders have fixed it?

Seriously, think about it. Do you really think with the way congress is operating now that his perceived MORE RADICAL ideas had any chance in passing?
Not to mention, when you really break it down, Hillary stands for a lot of what Bernie does. And the fact Bernie has pushed her more to the left should be seen as a sign of strength.

And as for Trump: if by now you are still thinking about voting for him, you are not paying attention. And you're an idiot.

Like honestly. If you are voting for Trump, I question the very essence of your character. If after everything that has happened, you are still wanting to vote for a man who has:

• Changed his mind on every major policy he has stood for
• a man who SUPPORTED Hillary at one time and wanted her to be FUCKING PRESIDENT but now advocates for her to literally be shot.
• A man who is so fucked up in the head he believes he can convince us Obama isn't an American
• a man who wants to neuter the free press so people don't make fun of his "hair" and baby hands
• a man who want to beat off Putin (That's RUSSIA'S FUCKING LEADER IF YOU HAVEN'T BEEN PAYING ATTENTION)
• a man who disparages men and women in uniform, who give their lives so I can freely sit on my toilet on a Sunday morning and punch out a FB post no one will read
• A man who makes fun of handicapped people
• A man who is a failure in business and marriage.
• A man who has discriminated against black people when managing tenants
• A man who lies about his original stance on the Iraq War (at least Hillary owns she was for it and admits the mistake)
• A man who wants to FUCK HIS OWN DAUGHTER.
• A man who says he loves that his own followers are STUPID.

Tell me something, are you stupid?

Well, if you are taking Trump's record, comparing it to Hillary, and think he's the better option: you're stupid. If you are voting for Donald Trump you have absolutely no moral standing. Anywhere.

Hillary Clinton isn't perfect. In fact, she isn't my ideal if you haven't guessed yet. But I'm not Captain Kirk, I can't Kobayashi Maru this shit. The best chance we have in this country, with the hands we have been dealt with, is a Hillary Clinton presidency with a democratic congress and senate. And the push must continue to bring progressive candidates in on the ground level in every election, as Bernie has continued to fight for.

That is the only way change can be made. And it will take time. We must be strong. We must be persistent. And we must not be STUPID.

TL;DR: Fuck it, #ImWithHer

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I posted a test animation a couple days ago. Here it is again, this time in more completed form.

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Here's a rough animation I've been working on for a couple of days. Still needs work but I figured I'd share :)

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If you're looking at purchasing (or upgrading to) Moho 12, you may want to check out this offer from Smith Micro:

Buy #Moho and get $100 dollars in free videos and content. I'm not sure what they mean by videos, but I would have to assume it may include some amazing tutorials by someone with red hair...

Edit: the thumbnail shows ASP11. But once you click the link you will see the Moho 12 product page.

I realize I haven't posted much here lately. Jimmy and I have been working on tutorials for Smith Micro's new animation software. It's been eating up a lot of time. Sometimes my brain has a hard time multitasking.

Anyone working on any cool stuff this weekend?

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Has anyone signed up for Amazon Video Direct yet? I'm curious about the platform as it does seem different compared to YouTube or Vimeo. But I haven't had time lately to figure out what kind of content I'd want on there.

If anyone has signed up and uploaded content, I'd love to hear your thoughts!
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