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Casbah - Scala toolkit for MongoDB
 Casbah is a Scala toolkit for MongoDB  and it  integrates a layer on top of the official mongo-java-driver for better integration with Scala. The recommended way to get started is with a dependency management system.   libraryDependencies += "org.mongodb" ...

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Spectrum LSF -Useful Job Submission Scripts
IBM® Spectrum LSF (formerly IBM® Platform™ LSF®) is a
complete workload management solution for demanding HPC environments. Featuring intelligent,
policy-driven scheduling and easy to use interfaces for job and workflow management, it helps

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Text Mining(TM) with an example of WordCloud on RStudio
is estimated that major part of useable business information is
unstructured, often in the form of text data. Text mining provides a collection
of methods that help us to derive actionable insights from these data.   The main package to perform text

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Sample Spark Application -wordcount with Simple Build Tool (SBT)
Developing and Running a Spark WordCount Application written in Scala : Apache Spark runs on Hadoop, Mesos, standalone, or in the
cloud. It can access diverse data sources including HDFS, Cassandra,
HBase, and S3. You can run Spark using its standalone cl...

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How to build/package Scala Projects using SBT and run as Apache Spark applications
sbt is an open source build tool for Scala and Java projects, similar to Java's Maven or Ant. Its main features are: native support for compiling Scala code and integrating with many Scala frameworks. sbt is the de facto build tool in the Scala community. Y...

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Spectrum LSF : accounting Logs for resource usage statistics
The lsb.acct file is the batch job log file of LSF. The master batch daemon mbatchd generates a record for each job completion or failure. The record is appended to the job log file lsb.acct The file is located at  LSB_HOMESHAREDIR/cluster_name/logdir The b...

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Spectrum LSF 10.1 Installation and Job Submission
Load Sharing Facility (or simply LSF) is a workload management platform, job scheduler, for distributed HPC environments. It can be used to execute batch jobs on networked Unix and Windows systems on many different architectures. LSF was based on the Utopia...

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Cron is a daemon that can be used to schedule the execution of recurring tasks according to a combination of the time, day of the month, month, day of the week, and week. To check the RPM package for cron:  [root@ ~]# rpm -qa | grep cron cronie-anacron-1.4....

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Jenkins- Git -Gerrit
 EXPORT GIT_EDITOR=vi ----------------- 1) Create repo spb@ubuntu:~$ mkdir nov25_repo spb@ubuntu:~$ cd nov25_repo spb@ubuntu:~/nov25_repo$ git status fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git spb@ubuntu:~/nov25_repo$ git clone /ho...

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ZOAIKA : Wellness Tourism
New ventures ….New solutions….New opportunities…. !!!   ZOAIKA -  Redefining  Joy!!!             We are an innovative adventure travel startup based out of Bangalore. Adventure travel is our speciality. We offer adventure, trekking, climbing, cycling, famil...
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