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"Well... I'm new to this part of Hyrule... and it's really warm over here"

Name: May McClare
Age: 15
Height: 4'8"
Race: Hylian

Natural abilities and powers: Immune to cold, can climb extreme slopes, can sense what is near by (evil wise), can use magic of all types

Weakness: Fire/heat, forest foods (doesn't like them), people she knows being used against her will

Bio: grown up on high mountains where there is extreme cold temperatures, princess of the Winter Hylians (called Elves in certain parts of the world) up in the mountains

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You just gotta do something a bit more minor, build up your power instead.
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Ja'karth was walking around to see his friends flying around, he knew he had wings but didn't know how to fly "I need help and a teacher...* Ja'karth's head drooped, his blue tail dragging

(Open rp, need a teacher, good grammer)
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I Don't know how to fly like the rest of you... I don't have any pony to teach me (sorry I got no notification)
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I need help... I keep watching the concert tho it's way over
私は助けが必要です ... コンサートは終わった... しかし、私はまだそれを見続ける
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Project Diva Christmas models. プロジェクトディーバクリスマスモデル。
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Ja'karth Never ran so hard in his life. He couldn't slow down, he needed to get to his dusk unicorn, Storm, before Valindra's forces got him. He somehow sprinted even faster, getting to his unicorn in seconds. He jumped and mounted the magical horse. He then took off, going faster than what he was on foot. He joined his teammates. Only four of them. A human, dwarf, dragon born, and a sun elf. The Drow ordered for them to take off before Valindra or her forces could do harm to the remaining survivors. The dwarf had a golden lion, human had a guard drake, sun elf: a black horse, dragon born: gryphon. They all rode on those magical beasts or horse until they retreated from the hellish battle grounds.

I looked around. My group was all there except the tiefling. I was on night watch but I now have to worry about where Katsu went. "I swear that damn demon human does not know how to sleep or at least stay at the camp sight..." I mumbled. I got up and went to look for him. I travelled further and further from the camp sight until the only light there was, was the moonlight.

"Katsu, where are you?" I yelled, calling the the tiefling. Katsu came out from behind a tree,zipping up his pants. I looked down to see that he wasn't just taking a leak but instead was jacking off. My face went red and burned from embarrassment.

"What? Did I pee...?" Katsu started to ask but followed my gaze and then smiled."Heh... yeah, could you give me a hand with this?" He asked. I nodded. I went over to the demon human and pulled down his pants to find his thing stand straight out.

"Turned on?" I asked. I smiled a bit to myself, that was until I had a flashback. I was back in the Feywild, beautiful dark colored flowers, sparkling starry sky, dark green leaves on the bushes and trees. I looked around and found my home on fire, the other drows throwing candles of fire in my home. I heard my parents screaming on terror and anger. I felt nothing but fear in that moment.

Then the memory melted away, making me realize I was giving the demon human a blow job.

((3 lines munium))
((Can have a different character other than Katsu who is a Tiefling as long as it remains in the Neverwinter race selection: Human, Sun Elf, Wood Elf, Tiefling, Halfling, Half-Orc, Half-Elf, Drow, Moon Elf, Dragon Born))
((Good grammer and spelling))
((If different character, give info before asking to join))
((Highly suggest to look up or play Neverwinter if you don't know what it is, this and enjoy~))
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Snow Miku 2017... 彼女はとてもかわいいです。誰も私に同意しますか?
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I had a scourge warlock before but didn't know how to build it... meaning when I got to lvl 70 he was horrible at doing dps (this was when the scourge was still the good dps and could solo) same for my guardian fighter, I'm doing another scourge warlock but was wondering how to build it and what path I should go with for doing decent dps
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Volcano is the ONLY one who can be used by anyone, Ja'karth is my OC

Names: Ja'karth and Volcano

Birth Dates: unknown

Ages: 20 and 18

Personalities: Ja'karth- feirce, kind, friendly
Volcano: Friendly, helpful, kind, caring

Bio: Ja'karth was originally a drow (I'm not sure if I can do this, he's a dark elf... if not tell me and I'll scratch out the bio and redo) of the Feywild, after being chased by orcs he crossed into Equestia, turning into a unipegasus resembling both the day and dark version of the Feywild. Unlike every other pony, he doesn't know how to fly

Volcano hails from the hot part or desert part of Equestria, he found Ja'karth and helped him find his way in the pony land. He also became his close friend

(I recolored the art, original art goes to their owners)
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Does anyone rp on here? I'm like really bored... (my ocs are mainly non pony like a drow [dark elf] but do have at least one)
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+すずめつばさ That's so cool! <3
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Early Merry Christmas Everyone! 早いメリークリスマス皆!
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「アホイの友人が!え?いーえ私はボカロじゃありません! 」