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Via +Luis Galarza 
Tips for New G+ USERS: You Need to Circle More People.

The Google Plus users that are following you are the users that see your G+ posts

Followers: The people that have you in circles.

The people that you have in circles may or may not be following you. Google Plus isn't Facebook. People don't have to follow you back. Google Plus is like Twitter when it comes to following people. 

The people that follow you are the ones that will see your posts.

Does that make sense??

If you want more people to follow you, add more people to your circles or add a shared circle(s) to the circles you have created on your G+ account. 

If you want more people to follow you; COMMENT, +1, and Share the posts of other people.

If you want more people to follow you, Join some Hangouts (video chats) and talk to people and make some friends on G+. 

When it comes to who sees your post, Google Plus is like Twitter. 

When it comes to commenting on a post, G+ is similar to Facebook.

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Via +SEO 
Why You Need Google+ For SEO

1. Google+ Will Boost SEO 
2. The Massive Change in Search Engine Algorithms 
3. Backlinks Are Out 

According to experts, Google+ account embedded websites will have a greater chance of getting higher page ranks in the search engine. Google+ is not just another social media site that businesses can take advantage of. It is actually the key to getting better website ranking


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Making it easier to link your website to your Google+ page

When you link your website to your Google+ page, your recent posts can appear in lots of relevant places across Google. For example: when users search for your brand, an excerpt from a recent Google+ post may appear to the right of search results.

Today we're rolling out an improvement that makes the linking process a lot easier for page owners. In fact: you can complete the process in just a few simple steps:

1) Visit your Google+ page, open its profile, and click 'Edit profile'
2) On the About tab, save your website URL, then click the new button, 'Link website'
3) Follow the instructions for adding a short line of code to your website's homepage, then click 'Test website'

If everything's set up correctly, you'll see a confirmation message. Within a day or two, the link between your website and your Google+ page will be active, and a check icon will appear next to your URL on your profile (see screenshots).

We hope this feature makes it even easier for customers and fans to connect with your business or brand on Google. Let us know what you think in the comments!

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May visitor numbers from +Compete confirms Google+ growth

The May US website visitor numbers from Compete are now available, and shows that Google+ is growing steadily. The site had 22,3 mill unique visitors in May, a 10% growth since April. The Compete numbers does not include mobile (smartphone and tablets). 
The Compete statistics confirm the trend shown in the statistics from Experian Hitwise. But while Experian record visits, Compete record unique visitors.

100 million monthly users probable?
Several reports have shown that US Google+ accounts represent around 30% of worldwide Google+ accounts. If the Compete visitor numbers are representative, a possible estimate of worldwide monthly visitors to Google+ - from desktops - thus could be around 75 million. Including mobile devices, this could make the last published figures from Larry Page, 100 million Google+ active users a month, highly probable. 

More Google+ Local-effect in June?
Compete has probably not yet catched any of the growth from Google+ Local, that Experian Hitwise's June numbers have shown. As reported in this post:
Google+ with more traffic than Pinterest, Linkedin and Tagged in the US - growing 37% in two weeks
Google Places was integrated in Google+ from the 30th of May.

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Do you want more +Google+ statistics?

Check out this nice site found by +Chris Yates here.  There is some very useful information if you want your posts to really make a splash instead of just a ripple.

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Teacher! Teacher! Listen up! via +Edudemic
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Still Waiting! When do we see the Google+ YouTube Integration w/ G+ Profiles?

We are still waiting for the improved integration between Google+ and our Profiles. Remember that Video Tab Thing - part of your profile settings?

When will we get to connect to our YouTube channel via that Video Tabs place so we can show off our Videos inside our Videos Tab here in Google Plus?

Maybe the folks at +YouTube or +YouTube Creators or +YouTube Creators have an answer for us.

We were told to start looking for it starting on March 30, 2012! It is now mid May 2012... I'm still looking! Are you?

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Tag: Google+ YouTube Integration

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Google+ Tip: Get Keyboard shortcuts by pressing ?

Press ? on Google+ to get keyboard shortcuts.
Tip: +Vic Gundotra
More Hotkeys for Google+
End - Take you to the bottom of the page.
Home - Take you to the top of the page.
Space - Scroll Down the screen.
Shift+Space - Scroll up the screen.
On a stream press enter to comment.
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G+ Page an Illustrated Guide for Curators

Many Theme Day Curators have been asking about the G+ pages and how they work for theme days. Here you will find an illustrated guide to help you find your way around a G+ page for your theme day. So you and your contributors can get he most out of well your Theme Day G+ Page.

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How to Get Your Family and Friends on Google+

1. Post only on Google+.
>> If people want to stay in touch with you, they'll have to use Google+.
2. Act like people are already users.
>> You share posts with both Google+ users and non Google+ users via e-mail.
>> Lure them in with relevant content.

3. Build circles for them.
>> Create an interest base circle.
>> Share relevant content to relevant circle.

4. Tell people why Google+ isn't Facebook.
>> Facebook is used as a place to interact with people you already know.
>> Google+ is about interacting with people of your interest.

5. Focus on "Family" and "Friends" circles.
6. Apply peer pressure.
7. Post pictures of your family and friends, and send the links to them.
8. Offer to answer questions.
>> Google+ is hard to understand for new users.
>> If you don’t know the answers try tagging following plussers.
+Gabriel Vasile +Jaana Nyström +Shamil Weerakoon +CircleCount +Laurie DesAutels +Michelle Marie +Denis Labelle +Jacob Dix +Euro Maestro +Linda Lawrey +Lars Fosdal +Rod Dunne +Ronnie Bincer +Eli Fennell +Eileen O'Duffy +Max Huijgen +Konstantin Lamanov +Hannah Roberts +Jens Graikowski and more...

9. Unleash the feature nobody can resist: Hangouts.
>> Tell them you can hangout with stars.
>> Use hangouts to communicate with your friends.
>> Circle +Laurie DesAutels for hangout help.

10. Sit them down and walk them through it.
>> Recommend your favorite plussers to circle:
I’d recommend newbies to circle following plussers:
+Gabriel Vasile
+Jaana Nyström
+Shamil Weerakoon
+stephanie wanamaker
+Victor Bezrukov
+Denis Labelle
+M Sinclair Stevens
+Lee Smallwood
+Dan Leveille
+Sean Cowen
+Mark Traphagen
+Maria Stepanov Sommerfield
+Laurie DesAutels
+Jacob Dix
+Jens Graikowski and many more..

11. Be ready to share interesting, active and relevant circles the moment they join.
>> Recommend your favorite circle.
>> Recommend circle:
12. Be active, and encourage your people to be active, too.

Credit: +Mike Elgan
Read More:

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