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Rugged Linear Transducer for Hydraulic Cylinders
The 953 VMax LDT is an ideal solution for use in hydraulic cylinders. The transducer utilizes our field-proven Magnetostrictive technology to give absolute position, accurate to 0.01% of the programmable sensing distance. Read the application note here.

#Lineartransducer #LDT #FactoryAutomation #Magnetostrictive

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Pressure and Temperature Products for the HVAC Industry
Experience our new application brochure covering all products for the HVAC market, including Contractor Gauges, Boiler System Gauges, Sprinkler Gauges, Refrigeration Gauges, and Bimetallic Thermometers.

#Pressuremeasurement #Temepraturemeasurement

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New Total Tank Level System from Drexelbrook
The new Total Tank Level Measurement System from Drexelbrook now offers Modbus, dual 4-20 mA and HART outputs.

#Tanklevelindicator #Tanklevelsensor #Waterlevelsensor #Liquidlevelsensor

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Drexelbrook Launches Enhanced Water Cut Monitor

Drexelbrook has enhanced its Universal IV Density Compensated Water Cut Monitor with updated firmware to allow for up to 10 different density calibration points to reduce recalibration requirements and ensure maximum accuracy load to load.

#Watercutmeter #Watercutmonitor #Drexelbrook #Levelmeasurement

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Does Your Cord Reels (Really) Live Up to International Standards?

In the market for cord reels? Read this article before you place your order!

#Cordreels   #Powercordreels   #HunterSpring  

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Experience our ReadyLink Series at Automation Fair
Come visit us at the Automation Fair at Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta. We will be presenting our latest advancement in Linear Displacement Transducers with direct EtherNet/IP output – the ReadyLink Series.

#Lineartransducer   #Lineardisplacementtransducer   #AutomationFair   #AutomationFair2016  

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Easy Autoclave of Vessels Without Removal of Level Sensors
The Drexelbrook Universal IV level sensor is designed for easy level measurement in vessels that require continuous autoclave. Simply leave the sensor in the vessel during the entire autoclave process.

#Autoclavablelevelsensor   #Levelsensor   #Leveltransmitter   #Autoclavelevelsensor  

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Drexelbrook Water Cut Monitor
The Drexelbrook Universal IV CM water cut monitor is a state-of-the-art water measurement instrument used to accurately determine the amount of water and oil. Watch why it is the most accurate!

#watercutmonitor   #watercutmeter   #drexelbrook   #watermeasurement  

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Drexelbrook Lube Oil Contamination Monitor
Reduce down-time and eliminate bearing damage due to lube oil contamination with the Drexelbrook lube oil contamination monitor.

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Measurement Solutions for the Steel Mill Industry
Find all the products you need for measurement in the steel mill industry here.
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