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Nerd marketer and paper and pencil RPG enthusiast
Nerd marketer and paper and pencil RPG enthusiast

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I want to learn more about Jeep/Freeform/Nordic larping. I live in Brooklyn. Am I in the right place?

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In Heroquest Glorantha, and in the lore generally, let's say that someone is born who does not have the runes for a certain cult but the deity personally speaks to them and they really, really want to join. Are their cultic practices that would enable a lay member to quest and delve deep into a god's mysteries, and thereby gain their rune?

Say I was born in Sartar with the runes of Earth and Stasis, and I'm male-identified. I still love Orlanth with my heart and want to follow his adventurous path. Is there an in-world Heroquest that I can conduct that will grant me the Air or Mobility runes, as I quest into Orlanth's myths to discover my breath or Larnste nature?

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Hey Hivemind, I'm looking for an E6 based Pathfinder KS that is a modern day dark fantasy gig. I'm driving myself nuts trying to find it! Many thanks in advance.

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I hope everyone is having a great day. And remember - be heroic and bold. Orlanth has your back!

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A great article! I wish I had been at the actual panel. #worldofdarkness #history #inclusion
Shoshana Kessock did a panel during the WoD Berlin Event about how one may integrate historical content respectfully.

The panel hasn't been recorded but she wrote an extensive article about what she said.

The White Wolf post mentioned might be found here:

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New work stuff -

Behold the hidden power of GIFS!

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News from WoD Berlin - on the V5 presentation!

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I'm going to be at #seocontent2017 on 5.17. Here's a post at my blog on the event as well as general news, and shout outs to +Tara Clapper, +Peter Munoz, +Silver Smith and +Ann Smarty, as well as teasers of what is to come for the riskycontent blog.
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