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Mother's Day Weekend, 2016
Mother's Day Weekend, 2016 - "A story of my48-hour Getaway" I’m not quite home yet. I mean, I am here, in my town. In my home city.  I just had to pull over into a parking lot and take a moment. A breather. A time to build up courage to drive the rest of th...

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"Oh the FACES I've seen!"
          There is popular book entitled, "Oh the Places You'll Go" which would seem an apt one to use as I blog about my epic trip across Europe with my bff, Carol. However, I have chosen a play on those words for my title, as what I think of most when I l...

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The Power of Death
As a part of my goal to memorize more poems this year - I have recently memorized a poem entitled "Death Be Not Proud" by John Donne.  It basically talks about how Death shouldn't think that it has any power, because it is a temporary situation and that eve...

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Mother's Day Talk 2015
*This is the talk I gave at Church a few weeks ago. There were a few people asking about it. So, here it is! May 10, 2015      Good morning brothers and sisters. I am so grateful for this
opportunity to speak today. I have to commend the bishop on his speak...

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Tugs at my HEART strings
April 24 th  What does it feel like to have a heart attack? Does it begin slowly, as the muscle is deprived of blood? Does it hit suddenly as a door slamming the unsuspected
fingertip? I don’t know. But I know that my father does. He suffered
one last night...

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It's 2015!!!!
I can hardly comprehend that I am now living in the year 2015! I mean - we are literally back to the FUTURE this year! In the last few months, we have had some very memorable experiences as a family - thus the no blogging - oops!  I graduated from nursing s...

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I honestly feel so grateful for the technology that allows me to enjoy and learn from the wonderful Sunday evening devotionals that are being put on around the world by awesome speakers. Tonight's was by Randall L. Ridd . It was amazing and you should all w...

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     We recently returned from a wonderful vacation to Cancun, Mexico. Even as I type those words, it still feels like a dream. It has taken many many years for us to be able to save up the money. Yes, I realize that my oldest children are nearly adults the...

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                          For quite some time, we had been wanting to get a Silo. You know, those cool metal buildings that farmers and ranchers have, usually to store grain? Yup, those. I have been seeing some really cool ways that people use them on Pinte...

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I have recently had some thoughts weighing deeply on my mind.  Have you ever had a sort of a vision? I mean - just something that you picture in your head? I think it is somewhat like a metaphor or a physical example of things that I can relate to.      I w...
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