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Purpose vs Profit: Which one leads to happiness?
Recent research is shining a light on which perspective on life leads to personal happiness.  The competing perspectives are: 1) Purpose - having as your core mission the goal of serving others or a greater societal goal, 2) Profit - focusing on the financi...

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C'mon - Is texting and driving really that dangerous?
movie theater in Hong Kong used wireless ringer technology to teach its audience about mobile phone use and what distracted driving leads to.   Please share. Let's act before the next accident.    Click on the link below for a 1 minute video.   C'mon - ...

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Tuna wraps, customer service and "It's Not My Job"
Customers, generally, don't ask for a whole lot. They want
good service. When they interact with you, they would like friendly service,
and overall they expect your policies to be based on reason and logic. Recently I had two illogical and unreasonable expe...

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Super Bowl "L"
Super Bowl is the single most hyped and watched TV event on the planet. The NFL
has the perfect ingredients to appeal to men, women and children: Football,
funny and emotional commercials, and a rock star performance at half time. And
one more thing! Ro...

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Climate change - What does the electric utility industry think, and what should we do?
Here's an update on the front lines of feeling-based
climate change regulation. In early June Transmission
& Distribution World conducted a poll on their website , asking just two
questions: Do you believe the climate is changing due to
human activity? Will...

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No more coal! (Let's burn it in Europe!)
Coal use in the U.S. has declined significantly in the last 24 years. Nationwide, we used to burn coal for 55% or our electric generation megawatts; now it's down to 39%. Mostly, as coal plants have shut down at the end of their useful lives, they've been r...

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Please stop saying "No problem"
Let me just get to the point.
Strike the phrase "No problem" from your vocabulary.  "No problem" is
typically used instead of "You're welcome." For example, let's say
we're at the grocery store looking for cupcakes. After an employee helps us, we
typically ...

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Will do!
I like that phrase. I work in an association with hundreds of active members and a vibrant, responsible staff. We have about 50 projects going
on at any one time. To keep all these balls in the air, we matrix manage. On some projects, I'm the leader, and on...

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Seriously, your spit can be used to make electricity.
Graphic by  Luci Gutiérrez , Wall Street Journal I promise I am not making this up. In the near future your saliva may be used to power a medical device implanted in your mouth. The Wall Street Journal's Daniel Akst reports in the April 19th edition that sc...

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The Grass Isn't Greener
greenest pasture is not somewhere else. It’s the place where you plant yourself
and create a great environment for growth. - The following is from Jon Gordon ( We often think that the grass
will be greener somewhere else. We
believe we...
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