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Anyone know how to update Omate's Firmware from: Omate_Truesmart_HW2.0_20131127.101030_V2.0 to newer version like : Omate_TrueSmart__20140120.154604_V2.0?

I tried going through wireless update, but it says no update available. Thank you for your help.

PS: also any update on enabling 3G for the US?

Any one have update on the US 3G band issue? An application I am developing require faster data connection then 2G that is available right now. The application is meant for outdoor use, so WiFi is out of the question. 

I tried running a firmware update through the setting menu, but say no new update available, current firmware is: Omate_Truesmart_HW2.0_20131127.101030_V2.0

Also my Omate have the screen banding issue, does anyone know how to fix that? Thx.
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