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In the Goal Box
Lutece is playing soccer again this year after a one-year haitus (China), and Stayc is once again coaching her team. He does amazingly well with coaching girls' soccer. No one gets yelled at, the girls feel good about themselves, and surprise, surprise, the...

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Marshmallow Igloos
Lutece is studying US history in fifth grade this year. They started out with the Native Americans, and each child focused on one tribe. Lutece selected the Inuit, which was lucky for us, since she had all SORTS of ideas about how to recreate their dwelling...

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A Summer Recital
The kids were supposed to have a "summer" piano recital the first weekend in September, but it was (fortuitously) cancelled due to renovation of the venue. Whew! However, when their piano teacher found out that the kids' grandmothers were going to be in tow...

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Orchard Animals
We take these silly pictures every year at Reed Valley Orchard. It looks like they updated the sign since the last time we visited. It amazes me that the kids continue to initiate these photos. "Mom! Mom! Take a picture of me now!"*  "Take one of me being a...

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A Fruitful Day
  We have a
Labor Day tradition of going apple picking with friends at Reed Valley
Orchard. It's a wonderful orchard in Paris, Kentucky (about 40
minutes north of Lexington), and this year we had lovely weather and lots of
fruit from which to choose. Th...

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Home Projects: A New Life for an Old Desk
Actually, two old desks. The kids have been needing new desks,* so I looked into various options, but I kept coming back to their little old desks that we've had since Lutece started Kindergarten (!). Why buy new when you can refurbish old? So I pulled the ...

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End-of-Summer Hike
Sometimes we just need to get out of the house. It raises our spirits ten fold. A couple of weeks after school started (uhm, back in August . . . ), we needed to get out of the house one Saturday, so we headed to Raven Run for a quickie hike.* The kids are ...
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