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Gavin Skeen
Creating Solutions. Delivering Results.
Creating Solutions. Delivering Results.
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What Is Not Not Is
Not afraid of darkness Not afraid of pain Not afraid of crying in the sunshine Or of laughing in the rain Not afraid of looking Not afraid to see Not afraid of searching What must be will be Not bound by tradition The status quo does not torture me Life has...

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Sometimes I find it helpful to write things down in order to clarify them in my own mind. Occasionally, it occurs to me that the things I have clarified for myself might arouse the interest of others, and so I share.

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Ode to a Lost Friend (Farewell KingSwank)
Amidst the green of the campus, Rolling hills and red brick halls, With our sly winks and impish
grins, Our bond reached beyond those
walls. I had a friend who was a dreamer; A soul imbued with the light of
life. He left this world far too
abruptly - In his...

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Lament of a Poet
This piece came to me while watching a YouTube video of Bono being interviewed by Charlie Rose, which was recorded in May 2013, but which I watched on Memorial Day weekend in 2015. Something about Bono's description of how songs come to him struck a chord w...

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A Life Defiant
Dreaming Screaming Staring at the walls Pining for the Angel When the Demon calls They both want me Clawing at my soul Tearing at the fabric As if it were theirs to own Falling Flailing Running for the door Keep your pedestal I’d rather stand alone Arid int...

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Screaming Heart
Well I’m screaming in my heart Silent as I start Drifting through a window Soaring as I swoop low World below is dying But still I am flying Scanning where you might roam ‘Cause where you are is my home And I’m screaming in my heart Trying to play my part L...
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