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Richard Hennessy
Sheffield based hypnotherapist, weight specialist & SEO enthusiast
Sheffield based hypnotherapist, weight specialist & SEO enthusiast

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Has anyone ever worked in the field of pain control? Specifically tattoo pain? I am interested from both a professional and personal perspective as my self hypnosis techniques have failed so I am looking for inspiration. If you have any recommendations I am all ears!

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Just found this free offer on The Best You website - a free "power of hypnosis - How Hypnosis Is Being Increasingly Recognised by Doctors" mp3 download.

Could be really helpful in providing clients with the reassurance that hypnosis is increasingly being recognised as the powerful tool we know it is.

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Starting to do some serious research on my next venture...this download looks like it could be useful....

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hi everyone... I'm 2 weeks into the game and I am loving it! would be great to team up with you. Here is my screenshot. 

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Don't visit Yorkshire, you wouldn't like it ;-) 

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Mindfulness could hold the key to millions of people with issues such as depression, stress, and PTSD and OCD getting more control over their condition.
The evidence base for the effectiveness of mindfulness is growing at a very steady rate and had already been shown to be as effective as traditional talking therapies.
The potential of mindfulness to make a dramatic positive impact on people's lives has not been lost in me. I'm planning on adding some dedicated training into my existing personal and professional experience of mindfulness in order to help more people bring about change in their lives.
#mindfulness #depression #stress 

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Learn the motivational attitudes of successful slimmers!
Are you fed up of your weight yo-yoing? Have you had enough yet?

Over the years we have noticed that successful slimmers and those naturally good at managing their weight have had several things in common, this includes their attitude.  Through the use of NLP and self hypnosis we can teach you how to adopt these attitudes.

During our free 90 minute free talk we will teach you how to:
- Set achievable goals
- How food addictions and habits begin and how to beat them
- How to create and maintain motivation 
- How you can create confidence and deal with doubt
- Learn how to see 'failure' as a temporary set back and how to get back on track
- Gain control over emotional eating

Places are strictly limited and there will only be 50 seats available. To book your free seats go to: 

Where And When?
The talk will be held on 17th March at a Sheffield city centre location, which will be revealed once you book. The talk will start at 7pm and will last approximately 90 minutes.

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On national no smoking day 11th March 2015 increase your chances of stopping using hypnosis

Through attending our group hypnosis stop smoking masterclass you could dramatically increase your chances of stopping. Get expert insight into what hypnosis is, how it works and how it can help you to be how you would rather be. You CAN change your attitude to cigarettes. 

Through attending the talk you could: 
Find the real reason why you've continued to smoke even though you wanted to stop.
Learn how to think like those people who have been able to suddenly stop without any help.
Discover the truth behind the claims of success made my nicotine replacement therapy producers.
Learn why willpower is NOT needed in order to succeed.

Everyone who attends will get access to a free hypnotic MP3 which will help you stop smoking and work in conjunction with what you hear at the talk.
The talk will be held at a Sheffield city location and is strictly limited to 50 tickets.
Each ticket costs just £35 (if you smoke 20 a day then just 5 days of cigarettes will pay for the ticket). If you book a ticket for you and a friend it will be just £50 in total. 
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