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Hmm ... not quite sure what I think about the new google plus layout.  It's neat, but I feel like I'm going to miss stuff in the multi column layout, and the single column layout is too narrow.

Also, is it just me, or does the "What's Hot" section not obey the single column preference?

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Praying for you man.  #GetWellKA

Gotta say, I'm really enjoying messing around with #Ruby.  Now if only my hosting account had it ...

So I've already started to learn #Python and I am about to start on #Ruby. Which one should I stick with and why?

So between Google Reader shutting it's doors and Pandora reimplementing the 40 hour limit, I now have to find a new podcast app.  I was using Doubletwist, but I can't stand how my podcasts will just randomly stop and replay from the beginning. #firstworldproblems

I hope everyone who I know (and don't know) in NY and NJ are doing well after the hurricane. #sandy  

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yep ...

So does anyone I know actually use Google+ I would really love to completely switch away from facebook ...

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Still my browser of choice ... despite that memory leak they seem to be unable to find.
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