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I swear this layout is unreadable.

This account will be used for nothing about complaining about the layout now, I think. Because that is all that comes to mind if I try look at this page.

I decided to look at Google+ for once, and suddenly it's twenty times worse with popups blocking everything and also has the incredibly confusing Facebook layout.

That's not really how you convince people it was a good idea after all, Google.

Also I was wondering why I like to use Twitter but can never quite be bothered to use Google+. Maybe it is because Twitter doesn't cover the entire page with overlaid ads for itself when I try to load it. It could be that.

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"Miss Blanche, having given through her tears a complete account of this event, assured me that, to maintain our own parental love and to enjoy our beautiful family life, we, the cat-race, must engage in total war upon all humans. We have no choice but to exterminate them. I think it is a very reasonable proposition."


Good news: Iron Sky is actually a good movie.

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I think it is VERY IMPORTANT for YOUR FREEDOMS that you be aware of the STALLMAN BOX:

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coda put the MilkSnake soundtrack on Bandcamp, in case you particularly enjoyed it:

There's even a bonus track!

Now, to put track 4 on endless repeat.

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MilkSnake Torus Edition is now out! It is free, and includes just the Torus level, for those who want to try the game before buying, or for those who just really like toruses a whole lot.
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