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Tymur Porkuian
We live as we do to show the world what it could be. What it means to you, is there a vision you can see?
We live as we do to show the world what it could be. What it means to you, is there a vision you can see?

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One of the most convincing arguments for the existence of aliens is the "What is it like to X" questions on Quora. They are out there, and they are trying to learn about us.

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"Computer Science Courses that Don't Exist, But Should"

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TIL: Chances of getting cancer start to decrease after you hit 85-90.

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Intersting perspective on the current (business) situation with Android.

Last week, Android looked out the window and said. Now I am become Death, the destroyer of brands.

#ti5   #dota2  this pre-game interview hurts my eyes and ears. So artificial, so rehearsed, so out-of-context, so non-gamer. They even put games' names in quotes in the subtitles. Like, «I have played "Counter Strike", "Star Craft", "War Craft"...». Does anyone really enjoy interviews like that...  -_-

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TIL: «the imperviousness of solid matter is due to quantum degeneracy pressure rather than electrostatic repulsion as had been previously assumed».

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I keep getting surprised how seemingly simple mathematical constructs suddenly violate intuition in astonishing ways.

E.g. A real-number line can be thought of as consisting of a countable number of [0, 1) intervals laid end to end. A long line is like a real-number line, but "consists" of an UNcountable number of those intervals.

And then suddenly - every increasing sequence on a long line converges to a limit. Like, this long line is so long that you can pick any infinitely growing sequence on this line and then find a point where it ends.


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// Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn

Apparently Facebook has invented a way to analyze code written in any language as long as it is for mobile. Next after the break: doctors invented a pill to cure third-world illnesses!

#idiots   #journalists  

Tried out today. It's way better than I expected. Now #Netrunner is my new #Dota .
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