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The final in the series.
Now you know how to define 'community' for all of your various community needs.
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What is this intelligent beagle looking at?
(Comment with your answer!)
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One bugbear I have about OS X Lion: it auto-corrects my spelling. I know I can switch this off but it only annoys me 50% of the time. The other 50%, it's helping me.

Most recently, it's when I'm tweeting about #TinyTower. The little people in it are called "bitizens" and it always autocorrects to "citizens". I eventually told it "Learn Spelling" so it would stop this.

It's clearly a feature that came across from iOS. In iOS, however, you can prevent the auto-correct by just tapping the little correction suggestion that appears. In OS X, however, it does show the little correction suggestion box, but I have to reach for my mouse to make it go away. If you're someone who types a lot, you know this is incredibly inconvenient and disrupts your flow.
Hopefully they'll introduce a keyboard shortcut to correct this.

[queue someone who comments telling me what the shortcut is]
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For those of you who think crazy Icelandic food is all about putrified shark, check this out: a non-Icelander visits the BSÍ bus terminal in Reykjavík to try his first serving of svið — half a sheep's head, boiled.

Fun fact: This is also available at the drive-thru counter. :D
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Just as I thought I'd managed to get my head around Circles, I lost the plot again.

The issue is this: Circles have two purposes:

1. As a filter for your Stream. I can see the things shared just by those who are friends, or just by those who are, for example, Online Community Managers. This is great.

2. As a filter for who you are posting to. I can share something just with friends, or just with Online Community Managers, or with both, or even with everyone (Public).

The issue here is that, in the Venn Diagram Of My Life that Circles has helped me to create, there are those who appear in both circles, and those who very strictly appear in just one.

For the sake of example, let's say I want to tell my Friends who are Community Managers about a new job I just got. My other Friends don't need to read about it, and my non-friend CMs probably don't care either. I just want to share it with that group who constitute the overlap. I can't seem to find a way to do that unless I create yet another Circle just for them, which I don't want to do. Suddenly I'll find myself with 100 Circles, and maybe there'll be some people who are in 50+ of them!

So, someone help me. How can I approach the dual purpose of Circles without it ending up in excess while also not giving anyone the irrits?
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For a moment, I thought about whether I'd upload my photos here. Then I realised the only places I upload photos to now are Twitpic and Foursquare.
When I took photos more, it was to Flickr.

I just don't take photos anymore.
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