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A dose of perspective

What you really should be afraid of
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I really wanted to see an "Americans Killed by Guns" vs. "Americans Killed by Auto Accidents" comparison in there.
+Ben Anderson
not too huge of a difference on that one.
It should be more like:
Americans Killed by Guns each year: 31,000
Americans Killed by Adverse prescription drug effects each year: 106,000
just googled the firearm deaths, and the fatal car crashes is on the poster already.
Most fatal gunshot wounds are suicides anyway. Interestingly enough, Japan has nearly no gun-related suicides, but have a higher suicide rate....
most other countries gun related death counts are almost irrelevant, when compared to the U.S.
With a few noted exceptions in the Middle East
Thanks for the interesting points. In a similar vein I always found this quote quite telling

_"Researchers at Cornell University found that because more people drove instead of taking a plane in the three months after 9/11, there were an additional 725 fatalities from car crashes than during the same period in the previous year. A study by Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute took a different tack and came up with a higher figure -1,018 more traffic fatalities than would have been expected based on earlier trends.

In explaining these results, the Cornell researchers cite Cass Sunstein’s comment in “Terrorism and Probability Neglect,” that “when strong emotions are involved, people tend to focus on the badness of outcome, rather than on the probability that the outcome will occur.”_
<silliness>What? Where's the chocolate cake? Shouldn't we be deadly afraid of the chocolate cake? EEEEEEEEK!</silliness>
If you want to compare gun deaths properly you would compare gun deaths in the U.S. compared to other gun deaths in other countries taking into account population and access.
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