Most worthy of your cognitive excellence´╗┐
#atheism #theism #youtube .

Most youtube comments are absolute drivel, but as usual, the cream rises to the top:

Theist: There's a cat in that box.
Me: Prove it.
Theist: I don't have to. You should just concede the cat is there.
Me: No. How can I believe you if you won't show me?
Theist: Well, you can't prove it's not there.
Me: You're right
Theist: AH HA, see....that proves it must be there because you can't disprove it.
Me: What if I open the box and see for myself?
Theist: You can't. Only I know how to open the box. But if you just have faith it's there, it will become obvious to you.
Me: (facepalm)´╗┐
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