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Most youtube comments are absolute drivel, but as usual, the cream rises to the top:

Theist: There's a cat in that box.
Me: Prove it.
Theist: I don't have to. You should just concede the cat is there.
Me: No. How can I believe you if you won't show me?
Theist: Well, you can't prove it's not there.
Me: You're right
Theist: AH HA, see....that proves it must be there because you can't disprove it.
Me: What if I open the box and see for myself?
Theist: You can't. Only I know how to open the box. But if you just have faith it's there, it will become obvious to you.
Me: (facepalm)
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I posted this a few days ago. Very good video :-)
A lot of those people seem to have lost an eye - must have been some heated debates!
I liked especially the "If God didn't create the universe, what did?" part. I see this question quite often, and the answer here is right on target. The answer is that astronomers and cosmologists don't yet know, but that is one major question they're working to eventually answer.

We have a similar fight with Dark Matter. Some people hate the claim that it must exist, and dislike the idea that we have several lines of evidence, but no proof, or absolute statement as to its nature. Most astronomers do the right things on this topic, but some opponents to DM feel that having the answer "NOW" is a requirement. The above video adds some simple clarity to how to respond.
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