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How to cause a HRt attack

I once worked as a temp for the Human Resources Department of a very large luxury five star hotel in New York (rhymes with Maldorf Westoria).

One of my most tedious tasks was to sift through the literally hundreds of Resume's that came in every day.

One morning the top HR boss was walking past my desk and saw I'd divided that morning's arrivals into two piles, 'What you doing?' she asked.

I said I'd developed a cool system that I'd now been using for months; every day I'd take all the incoming Resumes and divide them into two equal piles, then I'd select one of the two piles at random and dump it straight into the trash because I'd guessed that the company had no desire to employ unlucky people.

To this day I still cherish the look of absolute horror and panic on her face.

It took me a while to convince here they were in fact the read and unread pile.
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+Vincent Murphy You & me need to write a book about how to f*** up businesses. My resume (please don't chuck it in the bin just yet) includes 20 different employers in 24 years working, 4 firings, 2 redundancies, several places that won't give me a reference and a trail of sobbing managers, incinerated bridges and undiscovered mischief.

I think we need to reach out to desk-jockies of the world and get them into our office fight club tactics :C)

50% kidding (people shouldn't follow my advice) and 50% thinking the Bravo Two Zero Office Handbook could be a winner. My pen name? Randy McNob
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