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John Cowper Powys - James Joyce's Ulysses - an Appreciation
First published in 1975 by Village
Press, London John Cowper Powys was one of the first
to recognise the extraordinary genius of James Joyce, and this essay,
first published in 1923 and never reprinted until this edition, is a
major landmark in the huge bod...
First published in 1975 by Village Press, London John Cowper Powys was one of the first to recognise the extraordinary genius of James Joyce, and this essay, first published in 1923 and never reprinted until this edition, ...
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Village Press had the most wonderful bookshop near Piccadilly Circus, where you could sit by a fountain and read their books, without buying anything.
They specialised in publishing the complete works of their favourite authors (I went there for Henry Miller and friends - where I first got his "The Smile At The Foot Of The Ladder") but I remember they liked John Cowper Powys, too - I read some, but it seemed like slightly glum mysticism (something like that).
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Vincent Murphy

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10 Things to learn from this 1940’s chess painting

1) Avoid playing against an opponent whose attire makes them indistinguishable from the board.

2) Remember to chain up scantily clad giant maiden in case the sheer excitement of her watching you in your all encompassing grey cowl  proves all to much for her blatantly disinterested desires.

3) Ignore fact that scanty clad maiden is at least four feet taller then both of you and looks physically like she could easily use you to pick her teeth. 

4) Makes sure you completely hide your face - or even better don’t have a face at all.

5) Despite being the most sedate game ever devised try to have a few jousting tents scattered around  for the look of the thing.

6) Don’t worry about encroaching all-enveloping fog banks.

7) Always place your ‘man whipping thin air’ as close to the corner as possible.

8) Always have one knight that is at least nine times bigger then every other piece on the board 

9) A sound tactic can be found in strategically placing your two-little-boys-chasing-each-other piece as close to your excessively baggy sleeved arm as possible.

10) Makes sure you’ve never seen a game of chess before deciding to depict it in huge sledge hammered meaningless symbolism  
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Vincent Murphy

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Congrats!!! :)
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Vincent Murphy

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Right. I'm back. Now lets win this thing!
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Its great to have you back +Vincent Murphy 
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Vincent Murphy

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Feel I had to pop back just to post this things of curiously paradoxical beauty - 

Back soon folks - not long now x x x
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+Vincent Murphy Where have you got to? Hope everything is okay, miss your posts.
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Vincent Murphy

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Amazing! Filmed in 1959 A 96 year old man man who witnessed the assassination of Abraham Lincoln!
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I've seen that. Wonderful. 
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Vincent Murphy

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Good to see David took time out from his P/T job as a baggage handler at Heathrow to make this.

Vincent Murphy

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What a little bundle of joy Vincent! Christmas came early. Hope Michaela is doin well too. I'll raise a pint to the 3 of yee tonight 
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Vincent Murphy

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I give you The Peruvian Nazi Party! All seven of them. Picture of Fascist scariness somewhat marred by Fisher-Price jumbo top right ;-) 
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l wish to be with you & l promise you'll be surprise that you met more than understznding character,l don't mind any work l'll do to pay you back please sir l'm just tired of africa.+2348105615015,thankx
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Vincent Murphy

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Un Pharaoh. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

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seems worse to me.
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Vincent Murphy

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How very very (sadly) true!
True story.
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Vincent Murphy

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LOL... that is priceless.
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'I've yet to meet an uninteresting person' James Joyce

I treat G+ in the same way I would if you were to come to my house for dinner. Only a benighted fool of a host would prepare a set of topics to be discussed in advance. I will not limit myself as I am only interested in everything. 

In return I sincerely strive to amuse, entertain, inform and maybe on occasion enlighten. The only thing I won't ever be is boring I promise.  

So I really hope this could be the start of a long fulfilling  communication between us both.

Maybe this will be us 

My life of writing

I'm passionate about the works of huge brained humans; off the top of my tiny by comparison head this includes amongst many others the likes of   Bertrand Russell, James Joyce, Orson Welles, Robert Anton Wilson Shakespeare  Buckminster Fuller, Cicero, Carl Sagan, Mark Rothko, Leonard Cohen, Oscar Wilde, Jonathan Swift, Noam Chomsky, Marshal McLuhan, Stanley Kubrik

I've having studied just about everything ever writte or made by all of them and I'd like to think their work continues to inform mine.

I've written three complete screenplays, one of which was a runner up in the Orange Film Prize where it was cited as coming from 'a naturally gifted writer with a rare and unusual social conscience' - alas just as my head swelled up it went on to say 'unfortunately if this were to be made as written it will spend as much time in the libel courts as it will in production'.

I've also written three sit-coms one of which was actually given a very pale green light before being put to an untimely death in a particularly bloody Producer's fire-fight.

Since the age of 14 I have kept a note book on me at all times - I now have hundreds of these things in which I put absolutely anything / everything I have found / heard / seen that is interesting as I go about my day. It took me until I was in my late twenties to find out such an activity is known as flaneuring and I am a Flaneur

My non-writing life

I left school at 16 and went straight to work in the City of London at the absolute height of Yuppiedum. I lasted five years and watched my bank balance grow and my soul shrink . 

I was seduced into working in the seemingly glamorous world of marketing, of course the greatest marketing trick the marketing field ever pulled was marketing marketing.

I found myself involved in the UK launch of Ben & Jerry's and Chicken Tonight.

The Chicken Tonight gig involved touring the UK in the company of a six foot chicken (not a real one) getting people to do the Dance, experts inform me I may never fully recover.

So I decided to tarmac my own road to Damascus and descale my own eyes. I retrained as a keyworker spending the next few years living and working here: Tottenham House where I worked alongside multiple needs young homeless people with the brilliant Amber foundation

Returning to my native London I continued to work with various non-profits and charities and am very proud to have helped establish Off The Streets and Into Work as the largest training and education project for homeless people in Europe. Unfortunately the more I got promoted the further away I became  from working with any actual homeless people which seemed to miss the point so Ireturned to working on the front line in my native Camden Town working for a charity that provides women's refuge, wet and dry hostels and services for those living in sheltered accommodation.

Between 2004-2006 I had the chance to go and live in NYC where amongst other roles I  wrote and co-directed a documentary with the late great Pop Artist James Rizzi 

Whilst in NYC I also worked for an institute on Wall Street that catered for individuals and families with very very large private wealth thus getting a glimpse into those who had fulfilled (or mostly been born into) the American dream.

I also did some time at the Waldorf Astoria whilst I lived in Washington Heights so I did really get to experience many facets  of the American life.

After two years I came back to the UK and moved back to Camden where I lived in the house (room!) that subsequently Amy WInehouse tragically died in. 

I then had the ridiculously good fortune to meet and marry my fantastic, amazing beautiful wife who is also on G+

Together we know live in semi rural idyllic bliss each carving out new careers for ourselves


Bragging rights
Former winner of the BBC ☞ I was privileged to study with the late, great Robert Anton Wilson in the last few years of his life ☞ I once told Stanley Kubrick to get out of my garden, I was at the time an aspiring film writer so not my smartest career move
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