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“While I wasn’t looking, the Holocaust went from memory to history”
“While I wasn’t looking, the
Holocaust went from memory to history” Reading this simple sentence evoked
a strong visceral emotional response when I read T he Book of Joseph, a play by Karen Hartman presented by the Chicago
Shakespeare Theatre. In a nutshell...

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Visit to the International Tracing Service (ITS)
Once again, I call attention to Hans-Peter Klein and his good
works in support of descendants of the Jewish Communities of North-Hessen.   I
asked him for advice in scheduling a visit in October of this year to the
International Tracing Service (ITS) in Bad...

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IAJGS 2016 German Jewish Genealogy: A Case Study - Thursday, August 11, 9:00
Presentation Handout Presentation Slides

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German Jewish Genealogy: A Case Study - JGSI
Below are links to the presentation slides and hand out presented to the Jewish Genealogical Society of Illinois April 17, 2026 Presentation Slides Presentation Handout

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German Birth, Marriage and Death Record Template Translations
Irene Peters recently posted a link on the German Special Interest Group (GerSIG) Email Discussion Group of broad interest which is listed below.  In the event that the included Dropbox link becomes unavailable, links to the PDF versions of he...

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Stories of kindness and the profound effect that one act can have on our lives.
Arthur Obermayer is the founder and primary sponsor of the Obermayer German Jewish History Awards . These awards are given annually to recognize non-Jewish Germans and their efforts to preserve the memory of Germany's former Jewish communities. It's now Art...

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Slides for Presentation to Illiana Jewish Genealogy Society 9 Aug 2015
Here is a link to slides for this presentation

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Documents from the Jewish Community of Neuwied, Germany
The International Association of Jewish Genealogy Societies had its annual conference this year in Jerusalem. One of the activities sponsored by the
conference was a visit to the Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People. The Central Archives fo...

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Review of The List by Martin Fletcher
The List by Martin Fletcher; Thomas Dunne Books; Reprint edition (October 11, 2011) Having spent most of my adult life with my head in the sand
regarding the Holocaust, I eventually focused on learning what led to this horrible
period and what happened to J...

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Our recent trip!  Terrific.
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