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Neither here nor there.
Neither here nor there.

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Finally got around to doing an article about Flashrom/USB Gadget Debug with the Raspberry Pi Zero W.

I was right all along. Still, kind of sad.

Really, a lot of people are just incredibly fear driven and stupid. The real things you need to worry about are the unknown unkowns, as Rumsfeld once put it ...

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BTW, if someone knows how to stream an mp4 in Chrome, cast it to a Chromecast, but without rendering it locally, I would appreciate it? - my mum's laptop is so old it can't handle decoding, rendering, and sending to the Chromecast at the same time, but it works fine with services like BBC iPlayer and YouTube which don't also render the video locally.

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Cross-posting this in case it helps someone out:

Got one of these for the other half for crimbo not realising that you need a "premium" Spotify account to stream directly to it from Spotify (money grabbing baskets). So, I found out the speaker is somewhat DLNA compliant, and installed a program called "pulseaudio_dlna".

This program searches your network for DLNA compliant devices and then creates a sound device on your laptop/desktop for each one it finds. Long story short, it's allowed me to stream Spotify to the speaker using the "free" Spotify account, and because it's not going through my phone, I can choose when and what songs are played.

In your face Sonos/Spotify.

Please note the program is quite possibly Ubuntu only.

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Anyone want to see a really old picture of me? Bonus points for guessing where I am!

Doom-mongers and naysayers, sheesh. 

Rogue One gets a big thumbs up from me!
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