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Got a bike? We'll get you covered...

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Looking to get connected with auto insurance agencies, but don't want to waste your time? Yea we know... We didn't either. Thats why we created

No need to work with every different company out there. We will connect you your info to them, and then have them email, text, or even call you to see if they can save you money on your time. Insurance agencies can't ask on the first call when the best time to reach you is. So we just said lets remove that step. So if you're looking for auto insurance, come to us. Save you hours and hours of trying to find the best or cheapest insurance.

We are a free service to save you your time and money... Trust us, it works and its way better then getting 5 phone calls a day from every agent in Spokane!

-Made from regular people, but designed for the frustrated customer and agent.

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Winter Driving Survival Kit
It’s a good idea to keep a winter survival kit in your vehicle if you might be traveling into an area where you could encounter snow. Having essential supplies can provide some comfort and safety for you and your passengers. The following items are recommended for your winter driving survival kit:

 Ice scraper/snowbrush
 Shovel
 Sand or other type of traction aid
 Tow rope or chain
 Booster cables
 Road flares or warning lights
 Gas line antifreeze
 Flashlight and batteries
 First aid kit
 Fire extinguisher
 Small tool kit
 Extra clothing and foot wear
 Non-perishable energy foods, like chocolate or granola bars, juice, instant coffee, tea, soup, and bottled water
 Candles and a small tin can to hold the candle
 Water proof matches

Winter driving can be safe with planning and extra caution.

Contact Slowey Insurance Agency, Ltd for more driving tips or for your auto insurance needs by visiting: or Call 440-255-3411

#safetydrivingtips #drivingtips #winterdriving #chardonohio #concordohio

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Denver Whiplash Fake?
Insurance companies know whiplash is real. This year in the U.S. there will be 3.6 million more victims, and about half of them will never fully recover. There are tremendous forces involved in accident related injuries that cause life time pain.

People have made fun of accident related injuries because they can’t see blood after most accidents. They assume if they don’t see bleeding there are no injuries. This is not true.

How Can You Be Hurt In A Denver Car Accident?

If you get rear-ended at 30 miles an hour and you don’t see it coming, your car will be driven violently forward. In a split second your neck will be forced backward over the head rest. There will be serious ripping and tearing of the muscles, ligaments, and tendons that hold the front of your neck together. Then the back of your head will bounce off the back of the seat. This causes the vertebrae or neck bones to lose their proper alignment. It can cause paralysis or death at speeds less than 30 miles an hour.

How Would You Know If You’re Injured In A Denver Car Accident?

You might notice a sore neck, but not necessarily right after the accident. I had an accident years ago and noticed my neck was sore some weeks after. I walked away from the wreck thinking I was o.k., I felt a little shook up but thought I was fine. I didn’t know it but I was having symptoms from the crash.

In my case, the soreness in my neck was followed by headaches and I still wasn’t sure if I wanted to tell anyone about it. Unfortunately for me the problem did not go away, it’s gone on to become a lifelong injury that I’m aware of when I’m stressed, fatigued or overexert myself. I have soreness and stiffness in the neck and shoulder area from the accident I suffered years ago. Had I seen a good chiropractor, I’m sure I would not have these problems.

What Do Denver Accident Victims Usually Go Through?

Sometimes people go to the emergency room after an accident. The emergency room doctors may x-ray them and remark “there’s nothing broken.” They might be prescribed anti-inflammatory pills, like ibuprofen. They then go home and hope their pain goes away.

Typically over time they can notice;

Neck stiffness
Neck and shoulder soreness
Numbness and tingling in the arms or legs
Blurred vision
Loss of memory
Chest pain
Loss of concentration
Difficulty sleeping
Back pain
Hip pain
Knee problems
Difficulty swallowing
Jaw clicking
The above symptoms may take weeks and months to appear and unfortunately can become lifelong pains.

How Do Denver Car Accident Injuries Affect Lives?

Some are unable to work and they become depressed as they’ve lost their purpose in life. They are disheartened because they are unable to provide for their family as they could before the crash.

Do Denver Accident Victims Get Proper Care?

All too often people wait too long to get adequate care and receive the wrong care when they finally do. They might receive massage for example, which does nothing to help realign the vertebrae. Accidents throw the back and neck bones violently out of place and taking pills or drugs won’t restore the spine either. The same is true of ultrasound, muscle stimulation, and most therapeutic exercises as well. Accidents force the spine out of alignment and unless the spine is properly aligned, the accident victim won’t get well.

What Should Be Done to Help Denver Injuries?

At our accident rehabilitation center we do an exhaustive history. We ask questions that very often uncover symptoms that patients take for granted or have learned to live with. We follow this with a careful examination consisting of over 116 tests. We perform advanced x-ray studies that reveal injuries the emergency room may have missed. Later we sit with the victim and their family and go over the findings of the exam. We show x-rays to patients and compare their films with those of normal people so they can see the difference.

Most importantly, the care we provide gently realigns the bones of the spine. We use a special hand held electric impulse adjusting device that’s F.D.A. registered and UL approved, so you know it’s safe. People report that it feels very gentle and often gives them relief as early as the first application. We hold the highest ratings in the region for this particular care.

What If Denver Accident Injuries Are Left Alone?

If Denver whiplash is left to heal on its own, all too often the spine will heal poorly. It will mend with lots of scar tissue and poor alignment. The scar tissue creates pain and stiffness. This leads to poor mobility and is followed by accelerated arthritic changes to the neck and back. Unfortunately when it gets to this point the problem is permanent and causes lifetime pain. The joints break down and victims feel old before their time.

How Can Denver Car Accident Victims Afford Care?

Insurance pays for the care at our center. We enjoy good relationships with insurance companies.

If you don’t have insurance our staff is trained to find other resources for you. In many cases of accident our care will cost you nothing out of pocket. You don’t need permission from your insurance company or attorney to come to us.

Why Should Denver Car Accident Victims Choose Our Center For Care?

Our care is virtually painless.
We have specialized in Denver whiplash for almost 30 years and helped thousands and thousands get well and stay well without drugs and their side effects and without dangerous injections.
Our techniques are safe and very effective.
The care we provide is convenient for working people.
Our staff is sensitive to patient’s needs, especially after accidents.
We have adequate parking and are open all week.
We do the paperwork for you and have advanced training.
Every year we update our specialized training to give you the best care possible.
Our care includes advanced corrective exercises prescribed to help reorient the vertebrae of the spine.
We provide a natural pain relief program that includes massage table. We also work with other professionals.
We are available by phone and can be reached at (303) 394-CARE (2273). Go see Dr. V!

By Steven Visentin

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Here are some tips for regaining control after a car accident.

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They do happen and you might want to know what to do! Great video!
First Steps You Must Take After a Car Accident: Unfortunately, car accidents are the most common personal injury claims in the US. Here are the steps you should take after being involved in a car accident.

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Road Icing Safety Tips
How to Correct a Slide on an Icy Road

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Very cool!
Did you know that hitting certain life milestones can qualify you for auto insurance discounts? We appeared on 55KRC's Simply Money to discuss these unexpected ways to cut your rates. Check them out and start saving!

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Don't insure that i don't think but don't mark my words lol

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Very cool pic!
Idyllic little town in Croatia...
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