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sound and vision producer to the audio and film world
sound and vision producer to the audio and film world


Being wound up by Britains embarrassing rail service.
It's like we are all masochists being charged extra to be treated like s@@t
Whilst being constantly warned over tannoys that any retaliation will not be tolerated. Are we living in a Terry Gillian film ?

updating my phone to 8.3 in the hope that it might fix a few of the issues of 8.2 which was to fix the issues with 8.1 which was to fix the issues with 8 that we were forced to update to because of the iTunes update which we were forced to do because because because I forget now

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Gun Hill Studios took a few days out from the Infinity Cove to attend The Photography Show at the NEC. Whilst there we had a great chat with RODE re their bold view of the importance of audio in film and also gotta sneak preview of the RODELink Filmmaker Kit, the first radio mic product from Rode, which is now top of our shopping list. I can see, and more importantly hear, many uses for RODELink not only when we are on location for the Audio and Visual industry but also in our large ambient Infinity Cove. The acoustics there, whilst lending themselves to recording Bond Like brass as we have done for Vertigo Films or the drums of Gary Husband, sometimes need taming when interviewing Actors after a long shoot or up and coming music sensations for their EPK.

we are stuck in a loop of time. I spend a great deal of it turning off new features on my mac that have appeared in an update I didn't want. " So don't update" I hear you smug. Well thats not an option either anymore as, if you don't jump on the train of swopping one bug for another, in the blink of an eye the fundamental features that you bought the machine for in the first place stop being supported. So on we go switching off drop down menus that interrupt our thought and work flow, looking for features that have actually gone because someone in a far of land decided they were either redundant or not cool enough. Have a good day people I'm off to play my trumpet version 1

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Mixing desk gone walk about :-)

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After being disaponted on every level with my gopro 4 it's time to admit defeat and look at a more reliable competitor. After owning 2 gopro 2s I feel like one of them berks who has brand loyalty to a car company that never delivers a reliable vehicle but rather than admitting the error of the first purchase keeps upgrading thinking better the devil I know. Better the devil I know doesn't work. There are whole threads dedicated to people looking at alternatives but as usual manufacturers continue to use the public as beta testers raving about there successes and blaiming failures on user error. Welcome to the real world , would you like to take a seat ? Sorry about the scaffold I'm afraid it's not complete gopro4

today I'm trying to convert a sea of Codecs into proress oh the joy ;-)

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So today I,m making my final attempt to sort out my go pro 4, after breaking my own rule of never being an early adopter of far from finished buggy products. Yes folks I was one of the first to buy a GoPro4, needing it for a video shoot for Hesketh Motorcycles. The main feature I was after was the 120 frames.
Ok issue one was how short the battery was in this mode, but I kinda understood that and as there seemed to be no spare batteries available for a month I bought the battery pack from the site which claimed over night delivery. To cut to the chase what they actually meant was over night deliver from once the Visa had cleared and by cleared they meant some convoluted means of money transfer as every other supplier I know pretty much delivers Visa paid goods immediately. To cut a long story short over night delivery turned into 2 weeks totally missing the shoot and the reason I bought it.
Issue 2 Go Pro Studio now only works post 10.8 which is daft as I know whole companies that refuse to budge from 10.6.8 due to other software issues post this OS that I won’t bore you with here. The people that know know and the people that don’t don’t need to and the rest of the world are in denile starring at cool things or sleeping outside the apple store waiting for the next cool thing.
Issue 3 the Gopro Studio refuses to see the GoPro4 on any OS  it sees my 2 go pro 2’s fine and there backs but nothing can make it see the 4. Ive tried clean boots etc
I have a dual boot mac so I can carry on being cool on one boot, whilst getting on with work on the other.
Issue 4 so lets move on months and onto a new year Whats with this bluetooth boogie? Im still having trouble getting my head around why this is a must rather than an option.
Anyway my go pro 4 won’t pair with anything. I've tried a number of devices and a number of OSs. And let's put this into perspective I've been working with computers since my VIC 20 I'm hardly what you would call a novice. Bitter yes novice no :-) I've beta tested for many major companies and yes I've tried turning it off and on. I've tried updating everything despite the site expecting me to type the serial number and re register the device every time I break wind. When you login and click on support you are given the option to login or fill in the form you filled In when you registered or login and when you login in..... Well I'm guessing if you are still reading you get the pattern. 
So here I stand after installing the latest firmware on the Hero 4 and the latest Apps on everything, with still no way of reliably using it. Bluetooth still won’t pair and my eye sight three stories up on rigging in a theatre in pitch black is kinda not up to seeing the point 1 font on the tiny display built for the Borrowers
When it works, it shoots good footage but as I have no way of previewing camera angles and I work at the sharp end of the industry it will be going back in its box, but hey it doesn’t half look cool and people with working ones are shooting some brilliant stuff.
So here I go filling in yet another form writing out the ever so tiny serial number from inside the battery case yet again, whist knowing i will be doing this again on another day when enough time has passed for me to think maybe this time maybe this time this will work. Or maybe Ill just go and play the trumpet Heck if the time Id spent on this I’d spent practicing I could be quite good by now ;-)
This is the price of buying, what Im guessing is a Beta that no amount of updates are going to fix
Tomorrow Im shooting in Manchester at the Lowry on Panasonic and Canon I might risk my Gorpo 2’s but as the wifi backs on them turn them selves on and run down Im not sure I can be bothered. The GoPro4 is staying in my studio to watch some daytime TV and maybe order a pizza

Imagination is frowned on in our society as some kind of derivative day dream of the lazy, yet it is the fountain of all true knowledge that is not based on the regurgitation of other people's safe Chinese wisper version of free will.
Without it you'd be rubbing sticks together and have nowhere to charge your iPhone or download the latest version of flash player so you can post hair washing updates. Not bitter just saying. Get wise whilst wise is still an option :-)

rebooting Hazardous funk in feb watch this space or rather a space something like it but with different stuff actually scrap the whole concept of watching this space what was I thinking go smell some flowers
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