What have you all been smoking lately and what has been your experience with it? We read every review that is written on our website, they are good fun!

Be sure to drop a review on each cigar you try. Hey, you can even keep the review you have written on the site saved in a word document too, for your own reference when looking at cigars in future. Posting a review on our website helps fellow smokers out when looking around the online store.

Whether you enjoyed the cigar or not, drop a review!

You can write a review from the product page of every product we have online. All reviews will show up on the reviews page as well as in the reviews section of the associated product that the review was written about.

Reviews page: http://www.cgarsltd.co.uk/reviews.php

Unsure how to structure a cigar review? Drop a comment or send us a private message and we will give you some helpful guidelines.
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