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New Online Cigar Auction Site!

Live bidding on Aged, Rare & Vintage cigars!

This is THE place for online auctions of Aged, Rare & Vintage cigars.

If you are already a collector or want to start out then this is where you need to go!

Find out more on the latest blog.
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Good morning friends, I was looking through the internet for interesting articles again when I stumbled upon this Gem!

Is it Plume or Mold?

A beautifully written article with some fantastic interactive buttons for more information. If you are struggling to work out how to use it (Like I was) there's some buttons in the top right, the down button reads more of the article, the left and right button changes article.

Enjoy :)
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Good morning friends, we have some great news for the sampler fans:


Check out the selections of cigars that we have tailor made for each day of the week.

No more do you have to try and decide which cigar to smoke on which day!
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Good morning friends,
Have you got any young whisky lover's birthday coming up?
Do you enjoy the whole experience of tasting a fine single malt whisky?
Do you like picking apart the flavours and comparing with other distilleries and ages?
The Càrn Mòr Vintage Collection is a truly unique Single Malt Scotch Whisky anthology.
Twenty four exceptional Single Malt Scotch Whiskies,
 From twenty four individual casks,
 From twenty four selected distilleries,
 From twenty four different vintages.
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Good morning, good morning, good morning.
Our friends at Robert Graham Ltd (Award winning independent whisky bottlers) have announced their latest release in the unbelievably delicious Dancing Stag range.
A 28 year old Littlemill Cask Strength Treasurer selection!
Closed for over twenty years this whisky has a real fan base for those that have had the pleasure, this is a remarkable example!
 Such a fresh sweet dried fruit nose and a refreshing yet complex palate with a slight spicy ginger.
Truly delicious.
Pair it with a premium cigar for a taste sensation like no other!
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Good morning all, for those of you who like to pair your cigars with a nice cold beer, have a look at this article.  
Now I know it's American so doesn't talk about Cubans but it's still worth a read.
Bit early to drink a beer for me, so I think I will stick to Coffee with my stogie this morning.
What's everyone else got on the menu today?
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Good morning all, we've got an article here about pipe smoking translated from a Czech magazine, hope you enjoy it :)
Mr Radim Prikryl (44) of Valasske Mezirici “pipe club” managed to smoke 3 grams of pipe tobacco in the longest time out of 57 other pipe smokers at the 18th annual pipe smoking competition, in Olomouc, the Czech Republic.
The time in which he smoked 3 grams of pipe tobacco was 1 hour, 38 minutes and 25 seconds.
The rules are simple, the longest smoke of 3 grams while lighting the pipe only once.
The winner has been smoking pipes for 20 years, and is a regular contestant at this competition “Hanacke Kor” which is the largest pipe smoking competition in the Czech republic.
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Good morning all, the latest blog post is now available.
This week find out about:
Easter weekend herfs
 Cambridge cigar and whisky tasting
 Latest RG whisky release
 Inka shipment
Enjoy your day :)
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New Cigar of the Week!

Or should I say CigarS... This week it's the Bandolero Sampler.

Try our complete range of Bandolero cigars in one easy sampler.

New arrivals to our exclusive Peruvian range of cigars.
Medium to full falvour.
100% hand made and long filler.

Our exclusive Bandolero sampler includes one of each of the following cigars:

-Bandolero - Audaces
-Bandolero - Osado
-Bandolero - Sagaces
-Bandolero - Salvaje

If you like the Inka range, you will love these!
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Today is the day The Budget will be announced.
Prepare to wag your fingers and shake your heads as it is extremely likely that we, the cigar smokers, will take a big hit!
Lucky for you, cigars will keep perfectly well for as long as you want them (If not get better with age) so we STRONGLY advise you to stock up now before the price increase!
We will hold our prices for as long as possible but unfortunately prices will go up.
Happy smoking to you all, don't let the government bully you away from one of life's last pleasures!
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