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Hatch has new features (regex validation, off-line mode, and markdown), AND a new domain
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I get a 500 error after logging in for my first time, and any link I click on after that changes the 'logout' link to 'login' and asks me to log in again.  Looks like something is broke.  Also the register/login via google auth is not working.

This looks like a helpful tool, and I'd like to leverage it.  If you're not maintaining the website any more, would you be willing to share code under an opensource license?  I have no intention of doing anything with it besides using it to generate network device configs.  ;)

And... I get a 500 error when trying to send a contact form.  Presumably it doesn't go anywhere.  

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Create configuration templates and share them.
Hatch is for people that don't want to save the same problem twice.  It's a way to create dynamic configurations and share them with whomever.  It's like find/replace but not.
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