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Google+ achieved something that FB never could with me.
Google+ achieved something that FB never could with me.

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Hi! New to the community!

When you have the interactions drawer open and then you press back, the app closes. I know you can slide right to close it, but it'd be nice to be able to press back without closing the app. Not sure if this has been requested before.


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Fixed in 20160429 nightly

Hi peeps! If you're using CM13 I need a little bit of help here please.

Could you install VSCO and tell me if it's working fine? Apply filters to photos, edit them, etc? And if you could leave feedback in this CM forum post:

Is it just me or the Mako's cm-13.0-20160129-NIGHTLY bootloops my phone?

Hi guys!

Not sure if this happens with other Nexus devices, but I have a Nexus 4 and I had installed CM13. Then I noticed that a specific app, #VSCO, won't work as it should. The filters won't apply, won't save the photos, etc. I adb logcat and I found some errors and warnings. For example:

- BitmapFactory: Unable to decode stream:

- RenderScript: Unable to open shared library (/d
ata/user/0/ (null)


- System.err: at android.renderscript.ScriptC.

-System.err: at

Of course there are more. But I won't flood the post with all of them.

Is there a chance of getting the last 12.1 Nexus 4 Nightly cm-12.1-20151221-NIGHTLY-mako? I'd be very grateful.

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Ojalá y me lo gane

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