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Double check your wiring and ensure you are working on the exact radio listed on the video. GM constantly changed the makeup of Delco series radios. Consider it a job providing measure. Each Delco radio from these years is different from the rest. If your radio differs from the one in the video, you have a different model. Refer to the stickers placed on the chassis on the internal layout to verify what model you have. Since on this model, we are "substituting" the CD input, an error means the player cannot read the CD. With this mod, on this model, we are "fooling" the Radio into playing a signal that "it" believes is comming from the CD player. Errors, when displayed indicate a malfunction in the CD laser reading from the disc. We too encountered this problem. We burned a playable disc, inserted and received our line level input. The only pause in action is when the CD "re-winds" back to track one. Line input restarts after track begins to play from the CD. This was the simplest way we could achieve our goal. Again, make SURE you radio is the one we describe, if your radio looks different, you have a different model. If the mod does not work, you have done something wrong in the mod attempt.

Tarkington TV

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