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Benefits of Demonetization
8th November 2016 was the day last year when the entire country was seeing a very bold
step by any of the Prime Minister till date. Yes you guessed it
right!!! We are seeing the 1 st anniversary of iconic
decision called Demonetization. A year has gone by s...

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When everyone is aking What is Acche Din ? Where is Acche Din ?
When 5 crore rural women who used conventional fuels to cook,
emitting smoke equivalent to 400 cigarettes, get free LPG connection, that is
Acche Din  When the farmers across India struggle to get urea, because
of diversion for years, now gets Neem coated u...

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Make a phone call and get your bribe back !!!
If you had paid a bribe for availing of any government service in Andhra Pradesh in the recent days, just dial 1100 and report the matter. Chances are that the corrupt government servant who fleeced you may possibly come knocking on your door to return the ...

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Corruption, Scandals and Scams lists since 1947 (After Independence): Part I (1947 - 1999)
Corruption is an issue which is constantly holding our country's development back. Transperency International which is a organization recognised internationally ranks coutries based on corruption in the country. In the year 2016, India was ranked 79th out o...

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