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Fashion Feed courtesy of Mignonesia Boutique.
Sharing anything related with fashion for our niche and knowledge in fashion with some fun!
Sharing anything related with fashion for our niche and knowledge in fashion with some fun!


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Craft These Butterflies Using Plastic Bottles and Nail Polish.

Image Source: spryciarze

To make these beautiful butterflies first you will require a plastic bottle.

After that take some print outs of butterflies with different patterns or draw yourself if you have artistic fingers on pieces of paper.

Then cut pieces of the plastic bottle and put the pieces above the photos of butterflies.

Draw the silhouettes with a black paint marker. Then comes the color filling in the butterflies and for that you can use two to three shades of glossy nail polishes.

Cut the finished butterflies.

If you want you also can add touches of glitter nail paint and diamantes.

Have an enjoyable crafting!

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Casual Outfit Ideas

Casual Outfits do have their own importance.

We can observe unique and latest variety of casual outfits whenever we step out of the threshold of our doors.

Everywhere in the streets, markets, offices etc. we find ladies in smart casual outfits. There are no strict guidelines when it comes to a casual dress code. Fashion designers are burning the mid night oil in introducing new casual dresses for women in order to inspire the people and other designers so that their product may be sold like hot cakes.

In this post, we have collected the most popular and smart casual outfits ideas from Pinterest for inspiration of all. It will serve upon a golden light for other designers to take inspiration, apply their own mind and create the best in this field of fashion and need. Stop shifting your eyes in the other direction! Just enjoy this best collection and feed us back with your encouraging remarks in the comments section.

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Casual Outfit Ideas
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The Chino pants - why, what, and how to wear?

Background - First of all, what's with the name? The name Chino is the Spanish term for Chinese, and it refers to the cotton twill fabric that those pants are made out of which was made in China. Just like the Chambray fabric this fabric was originally used for military and work uniforms and was adopted by American style in the 20th century. Since it is mostly made in a khaki color and although it is being offered in a variety of other colors as well the chino is usually confused with khaki pant.

Why: As a cotton fabric the chino is a very comfortable and easy pants for spring, and can serve as a dressier style than for example Jeans and therefore can be used for a smart/ business casual dress code as well as for a relaxed weekend look.

What to look for - For years the chino was typically done in the khaki color, mostly in a looser/baggier fit and with front darts (clearly everything a stylish guy should stay away from), but over the last couple of seasons with American style gaining popularity the style offerings have adjusted accordingly and the younger, sophisticated customer adopted the chino. A more fitted, tapered style was introduced ( Bonbons built a great business around that one specific concept), the color range expended to offer everything from subtle light grey to navy, army and all the way to brighter colors and even the jeans trends of casual worn/vintage look were adopted offering different washes and fabric treatments, all ending up making the classic chino a sleek and stylish item for every guy! So when you look for a chino most importantly look for a fitted style, no bagginess around the hips, no access fabric in the rise and the butt area and please no front darts! The leg shape is according to your preference, if you feel good with a skinny leg than go for it but as long as the hip and thigh areas ares fitted a straight leg or bootleg will do just as fine.

How to wear - The diversity of the chino is a big advantage and is one of the main
reasons it became so popular over the years, more so now with its current contemporary new look it fits into a variety of personal styles and dress codes turning every guy into A Man of Style! During the week day your chino is a perfect fit for your business casual attire, a fitted cotton dress shirt in stripes or gingham with maybe a cotton tie or even a fun plaid bow-tie under a sport coat or a cotton blazer, paired with leather loafers or some other form of leather shoes/boots will make you look professional yet comfortable and stylish. For after hours and for a weekend easy, casual look, pair it with a chambray shirt or a striped long sleeve T (both with rolled up sleeves), accessorize with a vintage looking necklace, maybe even a hat? (if you insist on being trendy than go ahead and roll up your chino) and pair them with a fun casual looking sneakers like a colored converse (NO running shoes please!), or a vintage style military boots.

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Your guide to Georgette
Brief History:

Georgette is named after French dressmaker of 20th century Madame Georgette de la Plante. Its known use wasn’t until 1915(I read it in Merriam-Webster dictionary).


It is strong and more durable.
Crinkly texture, harsh, high twist.
It is made of filament yarns.
Balanced Plain weave.
Light weight sheer fabric not opaque fabric.

How to take care of georgette:

Hand wash, it with cold water using a mild detergent and avoid stretching it while washing.
Keep away from sunlight when drying georgette as it fades if, exposed to sunlight for long periods. Dryer should also be avoided. Air drying is the best option.
Read the tag for cleaning instructions as some recommends dry cleaning.

Varieties of georgette (there are many verities of georgette. We just listing a few:

Silk georgette fabric
Polyester georgette fabric
Nylon georgette fabric
Viscose georgette fabric
Satin georgette fabric
Jacquard georgette fabric
Viscose georgette fabric

Double georgette fabric is heavier.
How it’s made:

It is made with crepe weave of alternating two ends of right- hand with two ends of left- hand hard twist yarns. Both S and Z twist yarns are used in warp and weft.

How to sew:

Practice with a cheaper variety of georgette like polyester georgette, first.
It is generally recommended to not use pins as it leaves holes but I realized that it’s not that visible unless you’re using a lot of them.
You can use weights instead of pins while cutting the fabric to avoid the fabric to move as it is very slippery.
Rolled hem looks best on georgette.
Do not interlock very close to the seam.
Smaller sized sewing machine needles are recommended.
Loosen the needle thread tension when working on georgette.

Difference between chiffon and georgette:

Georgette is springier than chiffon
Georgette is less lustrous than chiffon
Georgette is more opaque than chiffon
Chiffon has a softer finish.
Chiffon is lighter than Georgette.
Chiffon has smaller yarns in high twist

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The Perfect Modern Suit for the Modern Man – Infographic

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The Perfect Fit Modern Suit.

What man does not need at least one suit? When you do get that suit you need to make sure you get what you need in the perfect suit. Most guys are out of fashion. This fashion infographic will help to get into the current suit fashion to help you land the girl, the job, the promotion.

Fashion is a big thing that can help you get the next job guys. I have heard from many women that do the hiring scour men over on how they dress. Always wear a dark suit, do not forget the belt and make sure that your socks are dark and that your shoes match your belt. Do not look like a slob, think of a job interview like a date and dress up for it.

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Delicate make-up and relaxed hairstyles complete the total look of FW 13/14 Haute Couture collection. A magical world is reflected in every gown with details such as embroideries of insects, 3-D prints, endless beading and semi-precious stones. See here the models backstage as they prepare for the Haute Couture show.

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Fashion Design

Fashion is quite literally everywhere you set your eyes on, let it be the people you come across walking on the roads, working in their companies and hell, even in the circuses. Well, the circus thing may be a bit too much but you get the picture. The designs of the clothes that you witness the clowns wearing during their performances may be a bit over the top. But who knows, somewhere down the line, you may actually witness (not the clown mind you) the same design on any of the fashion shows that they might put up. Ironic isn’t it? But that’s exactly what fashion designing is all about, creating something unusual, eccentric, out of this world. Really, is fashion designing all that and more? The answer to this question is a simple “NO”. Fashion is not something crazy or warped up to be presented to the world/customers and make it look sophisticated. On the contrary, fashion design is nothing but an artwork. If you consider yourself as something quite exceptional when it comes to designs and sketches and at the same time want to make people look stylish and carry off a look quite distinct from others, then fashion design is the perfect hobby for you.

So what exactly is fashion designing all about, does it only include cutting and ripping some clothes apart, a little bit of stitching here and there and VOILA!!! Nope, that’s not how the fashion industry works, there is a whole lot of work involved that you could hardly even imagine. First thing that you have to remember is that even as a hobby, fashion design is bound to get you noticed. But it would be senseless to expect any of your creations to be cat walking on the runways of Milan on your first day itself (Oh!!! How we all wish that…..). there are so many people out there who simply design clothes just for a hobby and end up becoming entrepreneurs starting out by selling their products on EBay. I mean lets admit it; fashion designers are not born with scissors and threads in their hands. Like us, they too start off by making sketches on a paper and with a lot of trial and errors; manage to come up with the perfect design, which gives them their “big break” they always dreamt about in the first place.

But one thing that you have to get straight right away is that fashion designers don’t just apply their art on clothes but they also showcase their talents by designing accessories. Fashion designing may sometime require you to get some influence from the cultural and social society you may live in. This article being a follow up to the previous will entail the various opportunities that might come your way if you take up fashion design as a hobby. The Internet could be your greatest asset as it will help you get an idea of what the current trends are, besides, you don’t want to be designing a clothing/accessory in a pre Victorian kind of way when the actual style out there….in the “real world” is more of a hip and punk style. So if you’re one of those people who knows just what exactly you’re going to do when it comes to fashion design, you can start off by displaying some of your designs on your website. You will actually find many designers out there who sell most of their products by online dealings only. This will also assist you in growing your business and also help you employ some people to give you a hand in the designing process.

Setting up your website will also help you out in enjoying the profits all for yourself which is usually seen otherwise if you rent out a place as a boutique or something. Besides, if you do well in the online fashion market, you can just as easily rent out a place then, which will simply help you to boost the sales of your fashion clothing and apparels. However, you should get the career prospects clear in fashion designing now itself. I mean, you could might as well be the leader in charge of supervising a designing team or simply work as part of the designing team. Whatever it is, it calls for you to be creative and think out of the box. You also have to understand how the fashion business works. All of this simply means that if you really start taking your hobby of fashion design seriously, you are bound to go places. So if you’re already geared up with the materials required to start out with, like, some fabric, a sewing machine and some drawing materials, it is time that you take the first step towards developing this hobby of fashion design by creating beautiful designs. This can be met by adopting unique but at the same time, elegant themes like tribal wear, fusion and western wear. This boils down to one fact and that is, by taking an interest in this hobby, you can even turn it into a career which could be really lucrative by making a name in the fashion industry.

Besides, starting off fashion design as a hobby is much safer because you will tend to be more imaginative with your designs bearing in mind the fact that fashion is not much different than a habit which is forever evolving which truly connotes the old saying, “Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new.”

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From accessory to garment, the scarf can change your look in so many amazing ways. Here is a set of DIY illustrations presenting different possibilities of wearing scarves. Enjoy!
Chic different ways to knot a scarf.
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