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I'm reviving Punday.

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I got six catalogs in today's mail.  6.   Is Christmas coming already?

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I just made a loan to a borrower in La Paz, Bolivia.

I've read about Kiva before & thought about it, but never made a loan.  +miriam dunn has been talking about how exciting her first loans were to her PLUS there are currently $25 bonus loans new people can give for free.

So, I just made two loans on Kiva and one was to a teacher, so I liked that.

Join me on Kiva today, and you can make a $25 loan for free! Redeem your loan while they last!

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Good ideas.
I enjoy the gifs - humor and political as much as anybody, but it does seem to me there's starting to be less actual talk about ideas & thoughts. 
I think partly because I've added way too many people.  It's hard to post when there's so much to read and comment on; conversations are getting swallowed up in my stream.
People on Facebook don't talk about Facebook all day.
They don't navel gaze about the network/platform. They use it. They post about their lives and their friends and all the good and the bad crap that they share. 

*You want to compete with Facebook?* 
1. Learn to spice up your posting style. 
2. Post some semi-personal posts on G+.
3. Don't post memes all day.
4. There is more to G+ than cats. 
5. How much do you know about the people you circle?
6. Do you really care about the people that you have in your circles?
7. Include instead of exclude. 
8. Stop lurking. Share, post,, something.
9. Share your passions.
10. Be yourself on here. 
11. Google Plus should be more than your dump for articles. Is it just a bookmarking site for you?
12. Moderation is the key. Posts about different subjects. 
Sometimes make yourself the subject. 
13. Ask questions that get people discussing  a topic. Ask questions that make people think. 
14. Get to know one another. You are not robots. You are humans. 
15. Guys: geeky crap 24/7 is well...dorky. It's not cute.
16. Be brave and share what you really have been wanting to share. 
17. Stop being afraid to get personal on Google Plus. 
18. Every post doesn't have to be a meme,  a post about Google Plus, an article with no commentary, blogs links to promote you. 
19. Encourage others. 
20. USE HANGOUTS. Wake up to the reality that Google Plus users are real people. Treat each other with respect. 

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The line for the cable car at Powell was amazingly long. Hours and hours but we had fun. Plenty of street performers, tourists to talk to and coffee. My favorite was this old Bluesman -- he was still there that evening when we came back. Still singing about his small bottle of wine and his big, big woman.
Mostly I wanted to share his sign: got him some bigger tips.

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Just watched Take Shelter

I thought it was excellent -- I gave it 10 stars.   Really.

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I'd buy tickets.

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