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Tech scum, chef, elven ranger
Tech scum, chef, elven ranger


Good god, I'd had no idea you can use multiple star-color/types in Gmail. My inbox is so much better now.

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Kind of want to be Nat when I grow up.

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Okay I know I'm the only one obsessed with Stonehenge, but THIS. PICTURE.

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"Google noted in its blog post that it would continue efforts to generate 'cleaner, more efficient energy,' including procuring renewable energy for its data centers."

This was probably inevitable. Google is trying to refocus on its core competencies, and this isn't one of them. But the quote above is a silver lining.

When is it appropriate to start being excited for my birthday? Can it be now?

Work amount > brain amount. I wish I could outsource brain power.

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+Matthew Snyder, +Adrian Sud, +David Veenstra, observe: the true point of Skyrim.
Skyrim players, you will laugh at this. Non-players, you will be so confused.
Personally, I'm the holder of over 200 tomatoes.

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DID YOU KNOW: it is possible to rent an island.

I want to take a fencing foil to NH over Thanksgiving weekend, but I'm afraid the TSA would have some opinions on this.

I am an elemental force of cooking, this weekend. (Meatastrone!)
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