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Jeremiah Carroll
Works at Amsatnetg
Attended University of Canterbury
Lives in Sacramento
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Jeremiah Carroll

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HOT G+ originally shared:
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Jeremiah Carroll

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Jeremiah Carroll

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Jeremiah Carroll

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Hey everyone. If you all haven't noticed there is a game button on the screen. I need some help in the Crime City game. Come Join me! It's pretty fun.
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Jeremiah Carroll

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Natedogg has been gone since March, but it just hit me what a great rapper he really was. Ima gonna miss him.
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Jeremiah Carroll

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Robert Pitt originally shared:
Google soon to be releasing Google Ripples which is a graphical representation of how a post is shared to outer circles and beyond.

Here's the video for you guys.

So if everyone shared this we can see the ripple effect, hint hint
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Jeremiah Carroll

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Though the general has passed, the war shall carry on. But, for a few seconds, the battlefield is silent...and we remember.

Good night, good sir.
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Jeremiah Carroll

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I'm back and looking for a productive day!! Have a good one people. ;)
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American Satellite Networking Group
  • Amsatnetg
    CEO, 2003 - present
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Hello everyone!! This is Awesome!
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    1989 - 1993
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