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Runner, Coach, and Trainer
Runner, Coach, and Trainer


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The Quest for Cadence : How improving my running form elevated my passion for running and life
“Your foot is slapping!” my running partner stated as we
maneuvered our way along the sidewalks of the suburban neighborhoods near my
home on a 5 mile run. To which I replied, “actually my foot is clapping and I’m
giving you a standing ovation.” I used humo...
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You've Got This! Redemption and a BQ at the 2017 VT City Marathon
“Follow me”, the race official says as he leads me to the
entrance of the preferred starting corral at the 2017 People’s United Bank
Vermont City Marathon. Because I had run a half marathon time that fell within
the parameters of qualifying for a preferred ...
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A Runner Looks at 50
It finally happened. The big 5-0 found me. Well technically
it was a bounty hunter hired by Father Time. The big 5-0 is his nickname. His
mission is to make people succumb to the aging process. I was turning 50 and
was scheduled to be his next target. I had...
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Assorted Thoughts Over 15 Miles
39 degrees is what my smart phone weather app tells me the
current temperature is . But wait! The
“Real Feel” is 37 degrees.   Guess I better put on that extra layer , I think to
myself with a chuckle.  I realize the
value of the “feels like” temperature bu...
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Flowing into Happiness
It’s 8 am. A fresh coat of
snow blankets the earth and a light mist fills the air as I begin my standard
Sunday long run. Today I’m running with my
headphones for some musical inspiration. My musical selection is quite diverse
but even with it set to shuffl...
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From Tuesday, January 19th through Saturday, March 12th I will be conducting small group circuit training classes focusing on the best strength exercises for runners.

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Ode to the Wall
On October 25 th I ran in the LOCO Marathon in
Newmarket, NH.  My goal for running this
race was to set a new personal record and break 3 hours in the process. This
course is very conducive to doing just that. 
I’ve been running marathons for over 30 years ...
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Staying Sane In An Insane World
"What a mistake that was!"  I think to myself as I turn off the evening news. Like anyone else I
want to know what’s going on in the world, but 30 minutes ago I was in a good
mood. Now, after hearing negative story after negative story, I’m a bit
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It's a bit after the fact, but thought I would share a link to the article in the May issue of VT Sports in which I was interviewed about how to pace yourself on the VT City Marathon course.
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Rejuven-8-tion; Getting Back my Mojo at the Stowe 8 Miler
I step out of my car and the humid air of this hot July
morning quickly envelops my body. It’s been a fairly cool summer thus far so this
heat and humidity combination makes for an extra dramatic transition as I
escape from my Ford Escape into the great out...
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