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A new journey begins.

I am selling my 1Ds (on eBay right now) to upgrade to film?!? "Why" might be the first thing that enters into your mind - or maybe not, lol. I haven't shot film since maybe 2005, and when I shot film, I was not very good, looking back.

While doing research on what film body to put on my list, I ran across some info that some of the Canon EOS bodies have problems metering with "alt" glass - my Tokina 17mm lens is full manual, with an aperture blade on the barrel (which I wish they would bring back to be honest). So the problem with this is that there is no info being sent to the camera and some of the bodies are off by a full 3 stops - not good, especially when using velvia or such low ISO film.

So I am thinking of one of three cameras. The first being an EOS-3. I had one long ago, it is weather sealed - built almost as well as a 1 series. A Canon 1V would be ideal, but they go for $500+ still on the used market, and I am not spending that much on a film body. I also need to get new camping/hiking gear as well..

The second on my list is a Nikon F4 or F4s. A true workhorse. The third is a Nikon F5 - which I am thinking I might go with. My lens is a Nikon mount, so why not? All three cameras go for the same if you look around. I have never used Nikon, so I am kinda excited I guess.

Getting high resolution scans of film are a LOT cheaper than I thought. Bluemoon will be my go to place. Perhaps I may get a drum scan of a shot, just to see. Film still has better quality than that of my 1Ds, that is for sure. A 60MB scan would be sweet:)

Also, CS6 is pretty sick. I have the Adobe Master Suite of CS4, and haven't upgraded since then. CS4 has always served me well, and of course it is not obsolete. I believe CS6 goes on sale on the 7th? The great thing is that the Nik software works FLAWLESSLY with CS6. I google searched this, and although it is NOT recommended, I simply copied the plug-in folder of CS4 and dropped that right into CS6 and works without a single hiccup! So incase you have the demo and have Nik and would like to use it inside of CS6, this works - at least on my iMac running Lion. I also saw that it works with Windows as well, but not sure if the same procedure works... I would think it would..

Anyways, I hope to have a "new" camera within the next 2 weeks. Just when I started to shot to blend, I gotta be more picky I guess...

This is a shot that I hadn't worked before, although to get a different look of this falls is not easy. I do have ideas and might try them in the coming weeks. After all, waterfalls are what I do best (at least I think, lol).

This one I name "Rains' Duet". Taken with my buddy Paul last November when she was raging! Highest I have ever seen this place - not easy to get to when the flow is high and COLD

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Well, as I've often said I was dragged kicking and screaming into the digital age so I have only one question for you, Why? :) Seriously though, I wish you well on your new journey. There was always something magical about going to the lab and throwing those transparencies on the lightbox as soon as you got your hands on them. That period of waiting and anticipation just doesn't exist in the digital age. I envy you. I'm not joining you but I envy you ;)
Thanks:) I just want to try film for some reason. I will come back to digital for sure, but I want to try to shoot film exclusively until next spring. Will be interesting for sure.
Tuan Le
You are definitely the waterfalls master and this one is super as usual. Why would be my first question as well going back to film but it'll definitely be interesting to see how you do.
+Dustin Gent I shoot both, although mostly digital these days. I have two F body Nikon's, 60's versions and a great assortment of old glass. Great cameras. I'm getting ready to start developing TriX here at home, mostly so I can develop my pinhole shots.

I'll never give up my digital gear. I have allot of fun with it and do things that I can't do with my scans.

That being said... I can't wait to see where you go with it. Cheers!
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