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Milou Nicolaes
Primary/Junior Teacher *French as a second language. Passionate about teaching French Immersion and learning each and every day!
Primary/Junior Teacher *French as a second language. Passionate about teaching French Immersion and learning each and every day!

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3-D shapes
The students have been working hard learning all about 2-D and 3-D shapes. This week they built structures in their groups (they are so good at working together!). They spoke a lot of French, describing the shapes, talking about the 2-D shapes they see in t...

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Math and Movement!
I have recently come across a fantastic program called "Math and Movement". It is a programmed designed for kids to have FUN while LEARNING their numbers!! (WOW!!!). The program incorporates music and various exercises (exercises similar to "Brain Gym", see...

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Field trip to back in time!
On Thursday our class took a trip to the Joseph Schneider Haus  to travel back in time! We learned about all the jobs adults and kids had to do about 150 years ago. We even got to wear their clothes and do their jobs! Take a look at our pictures to see what...

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Math Centers
We have started working on our Math centers this week where we are working with numbers! Some of the stations are creating numbers, some are matching numbers, and others are counting numbers. Here are some photos of the students hard at work.    

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Practicing letters at home
In Language, the whole class is focusing on starting to use lower case letters in our writing, and only using capital letters when needed (at the beginning of a sentence, first letter of a name or city, etc.). I have uploaded 2 pages ( one for upper and one...

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Making French sentences
The following is a chart that we have created as a class, of all the actions we are very familiar with so far. Along with it are sentences we have made with words we know. I encourage the students to practice the actions on the daily (you can play Simon Say...

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Sorting our class
In Math we have been talking about sorting - sorting shapes, colours, and even ourselves! We started brainstorming about how we could sort everyone in the class. We came up with many ideas, from colour of pants and shirt, to colours of our eyes! Below are s...

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Please vote!!!!
This post is absolutely unrelated to teaching, but nonetheless, worth a read!!! I got engaged over the summer (end August) and my fiance and I recently went to a wedding show. We have entered a photo contest and can win $10 000 towards our wedding. I would ...

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Mixing the primary colours
This week in art we continued talking about the primary colours and what happens when you mix them together. When the students walked in in the morning, I had taped ziplock bags with paint in them to their desks. In groups, they took turns mixing the primar...

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Spiders for Halloween!
Today was Halloween and the students put the finishing touches on their spider projects! We started learning about creepy, crawly spiders about a week ago. We started out by talking about what we already knew about spiders and wrote our thoughts on sticky n...
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