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Thanks to Sara Gray for publishing this on Pinterest. It explains the buying process in the simplest way I've seen in ages.
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This is one of the better diagrams I've seen showing the multitude of steps involved in buying a home. What else would you include? 

The larger version of the diagram can be found here:

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2 Energetic Buyer Agents Wanted (Hilton Head & Bluffton South Carolina)

AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY: For only 2 lucky licensed agents with a minimum of five previous real estate transactions experience - an Outside Sales position, working with true motivated buyers!

We have more buyer leads than our small team can keep up with:
- several hundred new buyer leads in the last month alone
- a pool of over a thousand existing, seasoned leads (on site for months or years, and still actively searching)

Join a team of other super successful real estate sales professionals:
- make a rewarding income
- work a reasonable "work week"
- NO open houses
- NO cold calling
- NO marketing
- NO advertising
- NO desk fees
- NO copy fees
- NO franchise fees
- NO hidden nickel & dime fees*
- ALL buyer leads supplied

Your days are spent actually selling homes!

If you are a full time agent with a few sales under your belt, the necessary skills and are ready to come in out of the must-find-a-prospect rat race, we may have a great place on our team for you.

Leads are a numbers game. Wait...say what?

That's right. Leads are a numbers game. For every 100 leads you receive, you should keep about 20, and net a minimum of 2-3 sales from those top 20. Each of those successful sales are worth 5 referrals down the road. You do the math! That's a lot of business. But it starts with being able to identify and focus on your serious buyers. They may not be ready to buy right away...but they will buy. These numbers are reflective of national sales trends. Close 20% of the top 20% (or 4% of total) and you'll have more success than you dreamed possible.

If you join us, you will have the following responsibilities:
- Respond to most new leads within 5 minutes of contact.
- Make follow-up calls to leads a minimum of 2-3 hours per day, 5-6 days per week, for a total of 10-15 hours each week. (Emails don't count as calls )
- Update the CRM database after each attempt or with summary after each contact
-Learn the inventory - previewing and/or showing at least 2 days per week
- Performance goals of a minimum of 1-2 pending sales per month after first 90 days

Your inquiry will be held in the strictest confidence.

Find out more about who we are at

*Note: Any expenses, such as, but not limited to cell phone expenses, home long distance telephone expenses, computer, personal business cards, and any board or professional dues, shall be at Agent's own expense.

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Listing syndication... what's your take?

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It still amazes me how many agents still don't get how important photos are in getting their listings sold. Professional quality photos and lots of them really stand out to those who are looking at homes on a screen, and can often make the difference whether or not a potential buyer quickly rejects a home or wants to see more.

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I'll let the video speak for itself. Oh so true....

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Things definitely are looking up. While there's still a few areas that haven't begun recovering yet, most areas have are showing a marked improvement in sales numbers and decrease in inventory; and some are showing more than just a modest increase in average price.

Hilton Head Island SC is a perfect example of that. Year over year, real estate sales are up around 20% or more, and while prices remain relatively flat in the upper end of the market, the rest of the market is experiencing price gains.

How's your area faring?

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Thanks +Elias Nathaniel for the great info!
Free Digital Images For Posting On Real Estate Blogs & Social Media Sites
This is a follow up to +Annie Maloney post here yesterday, where a discussion erupted about the legality of posting third party images. For those of us who want to be prudent and not take a chance, here are some useful resources that can help make the job of finding free and legal images easier.

1. Flickr Advanced Search - At the bottom of the advanced search page, check the "Only search within Creative Commons-licensed content" box. There is a link explaining what that means. Just make sure you understand the different license types before you download an image.

2. MorgueFile - Contains photographs freely contributed by many artists.

3. PhotoPin -  Search, preview and download photos and their proper attribution link. PhotoPin powers its search results using the Flickr API.

4. Wikimedia Commons -  A media file repository of public domain and freely-licensed images, sound and video clips.

5. U.S. Government Websites - Any images on U.S. Government sites are in the public domain and can be used freely, unless specified otherwise.

6. PicFindr - Searches the web for stock photos that are completely free to use commercially.

7. Free Historical Stock Photos - Free historical stock photos for emails and personal websites.

8. Free Digital Photos - You can find free high quality photos and illustrations for corporate, personal and educational use.

9. ImageAfter - A large collection of free images and textures.

10.Free Pixels - Free high resolution stock photos for use in both personal and commercial design projects.
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