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Did you know? X-rays are a key part to any dental care treatment plan. They allow us to: Find cavities, examine tooth roots, check for oral healthcare issues, and see status of developing teeth. Overall, it allows us to monitor tooth health and take preventative measures.

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We offer Invisalign treatment at our office. Invisalign treatment works with clear aligners which are custom made to fit your teeth. These aligners gently move teeth correct various issues including crowding, spacing between teeth, rotated teeth etc. The length of treatment depends on level of difficulty of the case. It can range from 6 months to 2 years. Schedule your consultation with your Etobicoke dentist to get more information from your dentist.

My kid's got a cavity! Why should I fill it if it's just going to fall out anyways?

This is one of the most common questions I hear coming from parents, and it is very valid. The answer to the question however, is not so simple, as it depends on many factors: the age of the child, the tooth in question and the size of the cavity. Let's begin by discussing the function of baby teeth, aside from giving us smiles to cherish and our kids teeth to chew with, these baby teeth are holding the spaces for the adult teeth that are forming below and maintaining those positions while the jaw grows. Each tooth, give or take 6 months - 1 yr (or more in some cases) has its own time for eruption - when the tooth first comes in, and it's own time for exfoliation - when the tooth falls out.
Below is a chart depicting the average ages of both (keep in mind, there are variations per patient, this chart depicts the ideal case)
Image result for tooth loss chart

When the doctor finds a cavity in a child's mouth the three factors mentioned above will come into play:

Example A: If for example we have your 6 year old son in our office and we find a cavity on the upper first molar, referring back to the chart, you can see that the upper first molar isn't due to fall out for another 4-9 years, so leaving an active cavity in your child's mouth would not be in their best interest and that cavity would have lots of time to spread to surrounding teeth so in this case, we would suggest filling the tooth.
*NOTE - there is something called arrested decay (a cavity that strarted and then stopped growing/no longer active) and something called incipient decay (a cavity that is only in the enamel and so small that it might not progress). In both of these cases, your doctor might suggest simply "watching" or "observing" the tooth before deciding to fill it, in the event that they feel it has a low chance of progressing into a full blown active cavity. Each case is different, and this reflects why it is important to come in regularly for check-ups in case we are monitoring any teeth**

Example B: If for example, we have your 6 year old son in our office and find a cavity on his upper central incisor (front tooth), referring back to the chart you can see that the upper first molar should be due to fall out this year or next year. We would now factor in the size of the cavity, and if the tooth is loose yet when determining whether or not the tooth needs to be filled.
We are here to help you in south Etobicoke dental office.

Why fill the tooth, why not just pull it?
In some circumstances, we have a child with a very large cavity that requires something called a pulpotomy (like a baby root canal), or we will encounter patients who have trouble sitting still for the length of regular fillings, so very often a parent will ask if we could just pull the tooth for a quicker solution to getting the active decay out of their mouth. The reason why we always prefer to fill a tooth when we have that option is because as mentioned before, these primary teeth act as space holders for the adult teeth beneath them, and if we mess with the order the teeth come out, we can mess with a whole lot more then one tooth. Early loss of a baby tooth through tooth decay, pulling the tooth or trauma will have a number of side effects. The teeth around will shift positions and block the next tooth in line to come out it can affect the proper order of baby tooth loss and adult teeth coming in plus even affect the growth of the jaw potentially resulting in expensive surgeries or orthodontic work in the future that might have been avoided. We are your experienced dentist in Etobicoke.

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As per patient request, we are OPEN December 27th to December 31st; Monday to Wednesday 10-7pm, Thursday 10-5pm, Friday 8-3, and Saturday from 8-1pm for Dental Cleanings, Dental Treatment and Emergencies
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Dental Implants Pros and Cons
•Replacement of the missing tooth not affecting the neighboring teeth
•Look and feel the same way as your natural teeth, easily maintained the same way you brush and floss your natural teeth
•Normally built with titanium through innovative research, making them resistant to decay and gum problems
•Costlier than bridges upfront but cheaper in the long term, proven to last longer than a bridge, typically not covered by insurance plans
•Average procedure length is 6 months also depending how long the tooth has been missing; a bone graft may be required

Dental Bridges Pros and Cons
•It is a frame that has 2 crowns (abutment) and a false tooth (pontic) attached to it
•Two healthy teeth are ‘prepped’ and are grounded down to act as anchors of the bridge, these teeth are then covered by the bridge, the pontic is placed above the gum to replace the missing tooth
•The two teeth can be subject to decay or fracture
•Less expensive than a dental implant but typically only last 10-12 years, often covered by insurance plans
•Must use a different floss to clean and maintan the bridge
Speak with Dr Mangat or Dr Gavin on what procedure is right for you, every treatment depends on the patients oral hygiene care, gum and bone support, number of missing teeth, health of the neighboring teeth, costs, and medical conditions.

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What's an Open Contact or Open Margin Filling? Why should they be corrected?
* When a filling is not touching the adjacent tooth
* Fillings should be in close contact to avoid food trap
* Food being trapped between the teeth can lead to decay
* Can cause bleeding & inflammation of the gums called Gingivitis
* If left the way it is, can cause periodontal disease; where the tooth separates from the gums
* They can be treated by replacing the filling or adding to the filling
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The temporo-mandibular joint(TMJ) is located on both sides of the head where the jaw meets the skull. If the joint becomes displaces or overworked to due to excessive teeth grinding, a person can suffer from headaches and soreness of the jaw limiting their abilities for everyday life.
Botox can be used as an alternative treatment for TMD, headaches, grinding/clenching, bruxism. Scientific studies have shown that it can lead to significant improvements in patient’s ability to function and relieves jaw tension.
Dr Mangat is able to treat patients by injecting the botox into the temporalis, frontal, and masseter muscles that can cause jaw discomfort and headaches. It helps relax the muscles by blocking the nerve signals that cause the uncontrolled movement. The procedure takes 10-15 minutes and requires treatment few times a year.
Botox is considered a safe alternative to treating TMJ issues but other medications can interfere with the effect of botox treatment. Thus, it should be disclosed if you are using any medications, surgeries prior to its use.
Most pharmaceutical plans cover the cost of the medication with an out of pocket expense for the injection. It is ultimately the patient’s responsibility to ensure their plan allows for botox to be used for medication purposes. Our staff can assist you in determining your coverage or providing alternative financial options. #dentistinetobicoke #tmjdentistinetobicoke #tmjdentistintoronto #implantsintoronto #implantsinetobicoke #teethwhiteningintoronto #teethwhiteninginetobicoke #veneersintoronto #veneersinetobicoke #invisaligninetobicoke #invisalignintoronto #mimicocreekdental

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Dentistry has evolved and now Dental Hygienists and Dentists can help you treat cold sores or canker sores. Laser therapy can help with cold sores and canker sores. The procedure is painless, inexpensive and only takes a few minutes. It can be more effective than any other form of treatment and avoids having to use medication. The laser destroys the nerve cells surrounding the sore and provides instant relief while promoting healing. Contact us for a quick treatment at the office. #dentistinetobicoke #dentistintoronto #dentalimplantsinetobicoke #dentalimplantsintoronto #invisaligninetobicoke #invisalignintoronto #bracesinetobicoke #bracesintoronto #mimicocreekdental #mysticpointedental
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Our Hygiene and Dental Operatories are equipped with Laser Dentistry
Laser Therapy in Our Dental Office in Etobicoke assists in:
* Combating Gingivitis and Periodontal Disease by reducing bacteria and is non invasive
* Uncovering partially erupted teeth
* Removal and contouring of excess gum tissue
* Control bleeding during surgery
* Perform Biopsy procedures
Ask your Dentist or Dental Hygienist about your Treatment Recommendations at your next visit

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