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Rocky Rex
The Time-Warped Tyrannosaur
The Time-Warped Tyrannosaur

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Climate Change - Evidence from Ice Cores
Ice cores   are cylinders of ice, drilled from an ice sheet or a glacier.  They are usually 10 centimetres in diameter, and can be taken from deep in the ice. Ice cores provide  trapped samples of ancient air . Dr Emilie Capron of the   British Antarctic Su...

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Climate Change - The Iceman
In places which are not as frozen as they were, amazing discoveries have been made. In 1991 two hikers in the Alps found a body. They were shocked, and reported the find. It was even more extraordinary when the investigation found that the body was thousand...

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Climate Change - The Greenhouse Effect
What do scientists mean by the " Greenhouse Effect "? When the Sun's energy arrives at the Earth, it travels through the air. Some is reflected back to space, but some hits the Earth and warms it. The warm Earth gives off  infrared radiation  with various w...

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Climate Change - The Carbon Cycle
Carbon dioxide is always in the atmosphere as part of the Earth's  carbon cycle. The global carbon cycle transfers carbon through the Earth’s different parts -  the atmosphere, oceans, soil, plants, and animals.  So carbon moves around — it flows — from pla...

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Climate Change - Iceland
Iceland lies on the  Mid-Atlantic Ridge , which is why it has volcanic activity. Iceland also has  ice caps  and  glaciers . Iceland is one of the fastest-warming places on the planet  – as much as four times the Northern Hemisphere average.  The glaciers t...

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Climate Change - 2016 - Warmest year in modern record
2016 was the warmest year in  NOAA 's 137-year series.  This is the third consecutive year a new global annual temperature record has been set.  All 16 years of the 21 st  century are included in the seventeen warmest years in the modern record (1998 is cur...

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Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere
Every place on earth experiences  12 hours of daylight  twice a year, on the Spring and Autumn Equinox. The Sun is at its lowest path in the sky on the  Winter Solstice .  After that day, the Sun follows a higher and higher path through the sky each day, un...

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Climate Change - The Pliocene Rebooted?
Atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration  is now around 400 parts per million (ppm). It last reached similar levels during the  Pliocene , 5.3-2.6 million years ago.   Outcrop of Middle Pliocene diatomaceous lake beds at Ledi Geraru, northern Afar region of...

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Climate Change - Permafrost and greenhouse gases
Arctic permafrost – ground that has been frozen for many thousands of years – is now thawing because of global climate change. “The release of greenhouse gases resulting from thawing Arctic permafrost could have catastrophic global consequences,” said  Dr. ...

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Climate Change - Oceania
Oceania  is a region made up of thousands of  islands throughout the Central and South  Pacific Ocean.   It includes Australia, the smallest continent in terms of total land area. Many of the nations in Oceania are  Small Island Developing States (SIDS). Ma...
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