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Richard Hallows
Doctoral Researcher at Buckingham University Centre for Security and Intelligence Studies
Doctoral Researcher at Buckingham University Centre for Security and Intelligence Studies

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Curiouser and curiouser
reports suggest that it was not spread by a phishing email [1] (although
some hedge their bets by saying that it ‘could’ be, with some suggestions that
the attackers had a pre-existing foothold that allowed the initial infection to
occur, [2] or
that i...

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Thoughts on the wannacry virus and the importance of starting assumptions
This was
written just as a piece to see what happens to the potential outcome of a piece
of analysis when basic assumptions change. 
I’m not admitting whether I think any of the below is accurate (except for
the facts I have taken from others’ primary foren...

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Instruments of Darkness
Recently, completely by accident, I picked up a copy of Alfred Price's  Instruments of Darkness: The History of Electronic Warfare  which (in the main) tells the story of the competitive development of radar capability during World War Two.   (It does exten...

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Encryption Back Doors
Don't worry, I have no intention or revisiting the reasons why a 'back-door' is not only a bad metaphor for what the Government claims to want to do, but also a stupid thing to do. That said, it is interesting that it now seems to be a Home secretary rite o...

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On the Subject of Public Denials
So, GCHQ denied that they had wire-tapped Trump Tower to get round US law that would prohibit the NSA from doing the same. 1. This is the same organisation that, according to the Snowden files,  installed Malware on a NATO and EU country's telecommunication...

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Thoughts on Wikileaks "Vault 7"
Having spent a couple of hours looking at some of the documentation released by Wikileaks (yes, my life is that empty), some initial thoughts. 1. Firstly, one would have thought the CIA would have looked after these better.  If this is from a CIA repository...

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Philip Hammond's Examples at the Opening of the NCSC
At the opening of the NCSC last week (my invitation to which I imagine must have been lost in the post) Philip Hammond cited three cases (Sony, TV5, Talk Talk) of the scale of impact of high profile cyber-attacks leading to the declaration of "So, this new ...

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State Responses to Data Breaches: Cyberspace and the US Expulsion of Russian Diplomats
I am wondering whether we have just crossed another Rubicon in the world of state relations in cyberspace. Stuxnet is often heralded as a key event in cyber history as it was the first real example of a cyber attack generating a physical result.  The (alleg...

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Risk - Does cultural theory show why there are such different views on how to address risks in cyberspace?
Apologies for the title of this post.  My thoughts on this subject are (to say the least) not full formed at this point - but, for me at least, worthwhile nonetheless. I started thinking about risks in cyber space, and assumed this would not be along proces...

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The (Not So) Subtle Change in UK Cyber Approach
Originally published this on 6th June...didn't quite believe it at the time...should have more confidence really" It seems that in recent days there has been a subtle (or perhaps
not so subtle) change in tone about the way in which the UK Government agencie...
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