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Different Topics on Different Platforms 

How People Use Different Social Networks in Different Ways

#socialmedia   #socialnetworks   #demographics  
Social Media - How People Use Different Social Networks in Different Ways : MarketingProfs Article

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Now, this is just a theory. A scary and very probably theory, but a theory none the less. Will this make you think twice about buying another iPhone?

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We've been using Google Now's new commute options. Really digging all of these new toys on Google Now: - via +Lifehacker 

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Here are some good social media & sites to follow for updates on the San Diego Fires

 - Fire Map by *10 News San Diego:
 - List of Evaculation Areas & School Closures (Updated):
 - road closures & traffic:
 - Hashtags to follow: #PoinsettiaFire, #CarlsbadFire, #BernardoFire, #HighwayFire, #‎TomahawkFire, #SDFire‬  
 - *NBC San Diego Photo Gallery:"

#sandiego   #fire   #news  

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Need to Truly Disconnect? If you Wear These Clothes, Your Phone Won't Work

Work resistant clothes! Just try to work in these, we dare you:

OR you could just put your phone on airplane mode

#disconnect   #work   #officelife  

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12 Food Facts You Won't Believe Are True

Live frogs were used to keep what food fresh (prior to refrigeration technology)? And more fun food facts you may want to know about:

#food   #nutrition   #funfacts   #produce   #fastfood  

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6 Digital Marketing Events to Inspire Your Summer

What's on your list? With 6 different cities and price points, you have your choice to pick from.

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16 Resources to Generate Leads With Social Media

More ways to generate leads with social media than you can shake a stick at:

#socialmedia   #leads  

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Pinterest Ads are Invading Google's Search Turf

Advertising turf wars: Pinterest vs. Google. Who are you rooting for?

Pinterest might be the new kid on the block, but it has made an impressive name for itself before even entering the paid search arena. Can Google hold onto its title belt?

#google   #pinterest   #search   #paidsearch  

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Sitelabbers celebrate our fearless leader, Marlene Matheson & Cinco de Mayo on the same day. Both are spicy, so it makes sense. Happy Cinco de Mayo, all!

#cincodemayo   #digital   #socialmedia  
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