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I have a mediocre RPG blog
I have a mediocre RPG blog

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RIP Orangconan of Hyperborneo
Orangutan Barbarian of the fourth level
He died like he lived; stupid

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My man +Jamie Wilson just got a brand new GM shield.

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Hands down the best piece of video game journalism this world has ever seen.

Katanas should have better stats than Western swords.

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An excellent article on the (possibly non-existent) "playing card revolution" by +Stuart Keating, author of Three Days Until Retirement. Oh yeah, also it mentions meeeeeeee

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I'm glad that our nations military leaders are officially recognizing the significance of ninjas.

If I wrote a retro clone:

Core classes
-Tomb Robber

Advanced Classes:
(Fuck Bards and Druids)

Racial Classes
-Elf, Chaos
-Dwarf, Chaos
-Gnome, Chaos
(Fuck Hobbits)

I need 24,000 XP to reach level 4 #barbarianproblems

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+Reynaldo Madriñan Play this you goof

Dear +Reynaldo Madriñan 

In the story timeline, Homura's first day of school is also the first day Madoka meets Kyuubey, while visiting the record store with Sayaka. This is their first encounter with magical girls in general.

In Timeline 1 (Homura original timeline) on the first day of school Madoka is already a magical girl and saves Homura. She reveals that she made her contract a couple of weeks prior.

During T2, when Homura returns to the start point, Madoka is again already a magical girl. Same with T3. However, T3 ends with Madoka asking Homura to change the past so that she was never a magical girl.

When T4 begins, we get a scene in which Homura is standing outside Madoka's window holding a dead Kyuubey, and tells he to not make a contract with any strange creatures she meets. 


If Madoka is already a magical girl by day one (the focal point of the time loop), how does Homura prevent her from becoming a magical girl? After all, during the course of the show, and prior to growing wings or whatever the fuck happened after Godoka, she only shows three powers, and one of those I'm being generous.

First she has the ability to return to day one, and repeat the time loop. She never travels backwards for any other reason than to repeat the time loop, and never forward for any reason, despite being in a position to save lives once she knows how things will happen.

Next, she can freeze time, seemingly indefinitely, and manipulate objects while the rest of the universe is frozen.

Third, during a fight with Walpurgisnact she stands on top of an oil truck while it glows purple and flies at Walpurgis. I believe we are meant to believe that she aimed it at Walpurgis, then climbed on top, so I won't even say that she might have telepathy, but she definitely never makes anything glow except for that scene, in which the truck glows purple.

So using these three magical powers, +Reynaldo Madriñan , how does Homura prevent Madoka from becoming a magical girl before the beginning of the time loop?

CC +Deanna Lee +Deanna Lee 
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