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I don't really have any connections on here that are likely to be anti +Zak Sabbath (thus I'm preaching to a very small choir)​, but after reading that thread, I find myself troubled and cognitively dissonant. A repugnant circle jerk of hate in case you were wondering (which you probably aren't). I hope it's not affecting those involved too terribly. 

So...that's the end for Google Hangouts, certainly as far as Roll20 is concerned (and the whole of it by April). How are people positioning themselves for their future online gaming?

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In case you were wondering where that barbarian was in 5e.

I was thinking about how ideas are shared amongst RPG people. There's a peculiar alchemy taking place, when somebody creates something for their game and somebody else uses that thing. The idea is being granted astral mobility (if you will), moving and occupying various states of difference , amongst myriad narrative states (those states being the imaginations and games of various tables).

Is this a kind of 'fictional character/universe mobility' unique to our hobby? The more I think about it, the more it seems like a nascent, modern , folklore tradition. Could that be useful?

I still have time to sleep on it.

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So this is perhaps a little odd, which is maybe a good thing. It's the bare bones of an anachronistic, DIY OSR game/setting (ruleswise, I've gone with LotFP for the time being,just to have a starting point). Anyway, there's an interesting table in there that you might get some mileage out of, even if it looks kind of shitty. Enjoy. It's a little NSFW, concept wise, fair warning.

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I'm not sure how accessible/flexible/useful the fluff is, but here's a post with a weird Dark Elf deity, plus 5e ramblings.

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To keep my nimbus of activity on the fresh side, I'm going to see if I have the enthusiasm to start posting more stuff on here. Here's another episode in my metaphorical, technocratic, Grail quest: TO STAT THE VELVET HORIZON...

I've not really used this to post anything yet and I'm not sure if this will warrant a response, but I'd like to ask people: what kind of things would you expect to experience at a goblin wedding? In a goblin city? Let's say Gaxen Kane?

+Ken Baumann​I've been enjoying Palace of the Silver Princess lately (well done everyone, I think it deserves a whole lot more attention) and wondered what the HP of any one member of the Moth Yule royalty would look like? Did you envisage PCs begging able to defeat them in combat, for example?

Obviously I can make this shit up, but your actual intent has been keeping me up at night...

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Obviously, you've all seen this. It's deeply mad and great.
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