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When everything is going wrong, and Jesus seems to be sleeping
Humble Confidence – taken from: I Believe in Love; Reflections on St. Therese What does Jesus lament most when He is with His Apostles?
Their lack of confidence.  “Men of little
faith!” This is the main reproach He makes to them.  He does not say to them, “...

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How Do I Know God Exists?
After school yesterday I was meeting with a high school student and she was really stumping me with some questions. "What moment in your life did you know God really exists?" "How do I prove God exists to someone who doesn't believe in love?" "What can I do...

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“The Lord hears the cry of the poor”
“The Lord hears the cry of the poor” Friday, September 26 th So today was pretty amazing, God really blessed me with an
incredible insight into His love and into the humanity surrounding me.  After a beautiful rosary at the basilica, confession with a

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Medical Mission
Warning: thoughts in this post skip around and don't make much sense  Who would have thought, God has a way of pulling through
when I am being a chicken.  Don’t ask me
why, but I have come to hate making phone calls, especially to people I don’t
know.  A we...

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Why Mexico City?
 I have now been in Mexico City a
little over a week, and I am sure many are wondering why.  For anyone who knew me in high school, they
knew I was ardently opposed to Spanish. 
I took two years, hated it (mainly because of a teacher), and swore I
was never...

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Why the homeless are actually richer
I had one of those eye opening moments Friday that make someone
stop and contemplate their own life.  I
was praying in church after all the students left mass and a few 2 nd grade students wondered back in and went up to the homeless man who sits in
front o...

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Why do we do this at Mass?
Mass is a beautiful experience for all those wishing to grow
closer to Christ and share in His life. 
For me, mass has become so much more powerful the last few years after
understanding why we do certain things during it as well as learning the
meaning beh...

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Why 22 will be better than 21
  I have been trying to ignore the fact that I was turning 22,
freaking out because it seems so old. Up until tonight the question ‘so what are you going to accomplish while
you are 22?’ stumped me. However, during adoration it was as if a rock was thrown a...
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