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Joey Abna
Surfing the web one page at a time with a focus on SEO and Social Media for Business.
Surfing the web one page at a time with a focus on SEO and Social Media for Business.

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Automotive OEM Advertising on Facebook

Every week it seems like more and more car dealers are advertising on Facebook. Of course the OEMs have been advertising on Facebook as well. But in the last several days Cadillac has targeted me for an ad that drives me to a map page for a Cadillac dealer. Curiously the map takes me to not the closest Cadillac dealer but the 2nd closest Cadillac dealer. I would think a Tier 1 ad would drive me to a Cadillac page. Have any of my other automotive peeps run across these types of ads?

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Great chance to support the library and take a test drive in a new Ford. I predict the Mustang will be a popular choice for the event.
Drive 4UR Community Lindale Texas

Longhorn Ford is honored to present the Drive 4UR Community Test Drive event to help raise funds for the Lillie Russel Memorial Library in Lindale, Texas. The event is scheduled for May 7, 2016 at Picker's Pavilion in Lindale, Texas. Eligible test drives earn $20 for the library with a maximum total donation of $6,000.

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Dodge Challenger

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Affiliate Marketing Goes Mainstream

Great article on how big business with huge audiences are taking advantage of affiliate marketing. I have also noticed more third party auto classified sites using affiliate links to increase their revenue.


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2016 Digital Marketing Predictions

Interesting thoughts for 2016 including Mobile and DuckDuckGo. 

31 Years in the Car Business

Driving home from the dealership tonight it dawned on me that I have been in the car business for 31 years. I’ve worn many hats over yikes, three decades. In those early days a typical Wednesday would find me spending the afternoon lining up 20 or so cars so tight I had to climb out the passenger side. Shine up the hoods and put those big yellow numbers on the windshield and get ready to drive the TV truck up and down the row as Tom Park walked the line with his perfect hair as he pitched the weekly deals. Sometimes we didn’t finish till after 10:00 especially in the summer when the days were longer. 

Much has changed in 31 years. The internet and smartphones have completely changed the auto industry just as it has everything else. Today my Wednesday started with checking my email on my phone and a mobile app for overnight internet leads and that was before I made it to the office. In the office I load up four different web browsers with about six tabs in each, email, voicemail, reports, tweak new inventory arrivals and head over to Lindale High School to cook lunch for the teachers. 

31 years ago there was more to operating a successful car dealership than selling cars and fixing cars. Today that still holds true. Although you can’t have a car dealership without those two things you won’t have a car dealership for very long if thats all you do. A dealership is like a living thing. All of the parts work together to make everything run smoothly. 31 years ago we had salespeople, finance managers, sales managers, technicians, service advisors, parts salespeople, service managers, parts managers, shipping clerks, receptionists, car wash staff, accounting staff and me the humble porter. 

Today a typical car dealership still has those same jobs available plus a bunch of new jobs and skills. There is something for everyone in the car dealerships of today. Technology has created a lot of opportunity that you might easily think of like website development, network management, computer repair and maintenance. Some of the techie jobs you might not think of are photography, videography, digital marketing, graphic artist and a  host of specialized software applications. Some dealerships also have business development staff, customer service staff, community liaisons and more. 

I’m happy to say I’ve been involved in some way in just about every aspect of a dealership over the years. My career has never been boring and everyday brings some new experience or something new to learn. I got my start in the car business because the guy before me thought he had reached a level where he could coast at work and a childhood friend, Craig Williams, said I should apply for the job and Gary Livingston gave me a shot. 

My dad taught me to do more than my job required and the rest is history.

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Lindale Championship Rodeo

It is a working weekend for me since we are the Presenting Sponsor for the Lindale Championship Rodeo this year. Yes, my job can be exciting coming face to face with bulls like this guy. Come on out there are still 2 nights of rodeo action left.  #lindaletexas   #rodeo  

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Homage to Big Foot

The Jeep brand is packed with loads of fun and capability. The elusive Big Foot on the rear glass of the 2015 Jeep Renegade delivers smiles when you see it. #Jeep #BigFoot

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Baseball Monogram Shirt

My wife and daughter continue to produce awesome monogrammed and embroidered shirts. Being a baseball fan I'm kind of partial to the baseball shirts like this one. #baseball  

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More NFL Bad Lip Reading

I love these NFL Bad Lip Reading videos. My favorites in this edition were Jason Garrett and Cam Newton. Enjoy!

#NFL   #lipreading  
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